wax/lint bricks

Album created by Gina Gordon 2663 days ago
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Help.  I can't seem to get my 'no image' image off the site.  Maybe someone can give me a handy hint. 

Gina Gordon 2663 days ago

Hi Gina -

Don't worry it's not a big thing, it says 'no images' because there's no image selected for the image album cover - To change this:
Log in
Go to 'Your image albums' (menu down right hand side)
click on the album
click on the image you want as the image album cover
'Edit image' on the left hand side menu
select 'Make image album cover?'

To make sure it doesn't happen next time you are creating a new album or adding images to an existing album:

After you have gone through the file upload (where you browse and choose the images you want)
'Edit image properties'
'Make image album cover?'
By default the first image will be selected as the cover - leave it checked if you are happy with this -  If you want to change it select one of the other images but make sure you have an image selected.

Hope this helps,
Please let me know if you have any further problems,
Best wishes,

AA2A Georgia Rodger 2660 days ago