A series of ideas for new text works. I'm a bit tired of being romantic and allusive and want to make some works which are direct and concrete. I realise words can't say everything, but I think there are subjects around which the use of language has been used to hide or veil the real meaning of 'words'. So I'm thinking of a series textworks which tap into differing discourses, but with the nature of the linguistic beast are in some fashion interlinked.

The idea that 'language speaks thorugh us' is something I'd like to explore by appropriating pieces of text and letting it do its stuff.

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Hi Andy,

I'm glad to see you're getting back to making your own artwork. I was browsing through image albums and guess which one's I was attracted to?...the words! I'm doing AA2A at Huddersfield University. I will add you as a friend so we can see each others' work.

Best wishes,


Amelia Crouch 3179 days ago

hi, it's great to be making some new work again, although the woodcut images are old work which I've never printed before. Tesside has a really good digital print centre and I'm hoping to make some of the text works as digital prints as well as woodcuts. what you up to?


Andrew Dalton 3177 days ago