When: 20 Jan 2018 - 22 Jan 2018

Venue: Meli√° White House

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Weblink: https://art-rooms.org/

Running from the 20th to the 22nd of January 2018 at the Meliá White House Hotel, in Regent’s Park, the ARTROOMS fair comprises 70 selected Artists plus Guest Artists from several countries across Europe, Canada, USA, South America, Far East and Australia. The fair is unique in its kind: “One room at no cost to the artist”. It is set on the first floor of the 4-star luxury hotel where every room is turned into an exhibition space, and it is also the only fair inviting independent artists to exhibit and sell their works without paying a fee. The organisers received approximately 1.1K applications from all over the world.

 Attracting leading galleries, collectors, curators, critics and art dealers, ARTROOMS is the premier show for independent artists looking to enter the London Art Market. ARTROOMS offers an innovative platform to support and to nurture the artist career. Each artist gets the unique opportunity to transform one room into their own creative space and turn it into a unique and intimate environment to showcase their work. Visitors get the chance to meet the person behind the work and buy art on scene, while art galleries seem to have found a hunting ground for scouting unrepresented talents.