Adventures in Laser Cutting

November 6, 2017 by Tabitha Moses   Comments (0)

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I spent an exciting morning using the laser cutter for the first time. I used a line drawing of a pelvis and had to process the image in Adobe Illustrator so it could be used on the laser cutter. I really liked how the processing made the drawing look like a map of the world - reminding me of a previous work I'd made. There's more to be done with this happy accident. 

Most of the morning was spent on the computer. The actual laser etching took only a few minutes and was magical to watch. 

After lunch I took the etched acrylic up to the print studio, inked it up and ran it through the etching press. I really think there's potential here. The plate was too thick and the lines etched too deep but I'm looking forward to tinkering around with this process in the future.