Beginning of the end.

May 7, 2011 by Simon Prescott   Comments (0)


The residency at ~ARU has now offially ended, though I have been allowed to stay on until next week, to finish up/clear up my studio space. it has been a great experience. Although I have only just got down to experimenting with my ideas.

The work I'm producing has taken a more 3D form. i've been playing with ideas and objects to be part of a body of work for our Ruskin gallery show. Which will include installation and panting/drawings,revolving around the same thems. Of the oceanic enviromental issues, pollution, waste dispolsal.

Another theme is based on the publicized story of plastic ducks that were lost over board 10 years ago, navigated the globe intact and began washing up on our beaches. this brought up a lot of issues and inspiration. perhaps not only the pollution issue but one of immigration, travel and unexpected arrivals. the 'duck's initially at the beginning of the project were secondary but now are the focus. They have come to embodied all these issues i mentioned above.

aprill aproaches

March 23, 2011 by Simon Prescott   Comments (0)

As I'm nearly in the final month of the reisdency I have started to begin work on some final paintings.

I hope to hopefully stay on until the end of term, october. As we have a show here in cambridge school of art. I have bulit up work space up and it would be great to continue to complete the work i've started.

best,simon prescott

New work.

March 9, 2011 by Simon Prescott   Comments (0)

Just created first image album. These are sketch of possible final images based on the idea pollution/human effects on the sea and a consignment of rubber ducks circum-navigating the globe. The images will have a narrative flowing through to join them as a body of work. these will be worked up into larger paintings.

Half way point AA2A Update.

March 9, 2011 by Simon Prescott   Comments (0)

Now the scheme has reached the half way point I thought it would be good to give a breif update. It has taken awhile to get into the residency but I have been making good use of a work space in the Illustration studio. I have given a pro. practice talk to the 1st year MA children's book illustration course, which I am a graduate of and have had some interaction with the students.

With the other AA2A artists, we have given to artists talks. The first at the start of the scheme which unfortunately had no turn out from staff/students. We prehaps underestimated the profile of AA2A at the college, but was good to see each others work/practice.

The second was in febuary at the half way point. this time we had a better turn out two students, and the new head of the art school! although there were some tech' difficulties, were able to dissucuss how better to utilise the role of AA2A artist at the uni and voice any concerns. We felt the profile of AA2A could be made more widely know and the students that were there felt we were an un-taped source that would benefit students.

I have now begun working on ideas for my project visually. I hope to start final paintings/illustrtions soon.

We have also booked the exhibition space at the uni, but in October. As the applictions for this year had already been processed last year. Many galleries do work a year ahead, but perhaps this was an over site by the college. A student representative would be most beneficial as abridge between AAA2A artists, students and raise awareness of our presence.

I feel at this point I have made the most of my AA2A placement.

AA2A 2010/2011

October 2, 2010 by Simon Prescott   Comments (0)


Have just started the AA2A for this year, was great to be selected! have met the other artsit in the scheeme and got through the induction and tour. Looking forward to getting started on my projects and working alongside the other artists, staff and students at cambridge school of art. watch this space.


Simon prescott