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Walking from art to science (and back again)

February 5, 2018 by Sally Stenton   Comments (0)

Last year fellow artist Caroline Wendling and I had some fascinating converations with neuro-scientist Marty Fiati as part of a project entititled 'An invitation to travel' www.invitationtotravel.info and we are now exploring a further collaboration. Marty is researching  multi-sensory integration and representation of memory  and our wide ranging dialogue addressed how we navigate from place to place, how dementia disables this process and comparisons with the impact on memory of our use of digital devices.  I met with Marty recently and by seeking to identify how we might build future work together around more tangible outcomes we took a vital step back and began to unravel the underlying challenges in overlaying our apporaches. Recognising differences in some of our inspoken assumptions made us laugh and appreciate the real value of working together i.e for each of us to discover questions that we didnt realise existed! My idea of creating a walk between the art school and the new science building has taken on another dimension.