The necessity to change direction

April 19, 2018 by Sally Stenton   Comments (0)

I was invited to be part of an exhibition for Cambridge Science Festival, but with late notice the gallery became unavailable due to the anticipated knocking down of a wall to connect it to the adjacent cafe. The exhibition relocated to the 'library' upstairs in the cafe and my intended video installation was no longer viable, so I created a new work in response to the new space - with limited options available I developed a dual video projection on the library shelves using video footage of my walk from art to science and back again. Between the projections was a row of books brought to the space by myself and neuro-scientist Marty Fiati. The work reflected our collaborative discussion and we gave a presentation as part of the festival that explored this process.


February 20, 2018 by Sally Stenton   Comments (0)

I counted my steps on the journey from art to science. Beginning in the Fine Art studio on the balcony of the Ruskin Gallery and stopping every 100 steps, my walk took me along the Forensic corridor, out into the cold, entering the new science building through the revolving doors and up to the psychology testing cubicles- another first floor balcony. 460 steps in total. I walked back counting to 230 to find the mid way point - the place where I imagined a portal or a permeable screen to step back and forth.


It might be fruitful to walk from science to art with a scientist and invite an artist to join us for the return walk. I might invite people to choose an object to carry from one place to the other, to place art in science and science in art, to mix them together and observe them coalesce or separate.


Walking from art to science (and back again)

February 5, 2018 by Sally Stenton   Comments (0)

Last year fellow artist Caroline Wendling and I had some fascinating converations with neuro-scientist Marty Fiati as part of a project entititled 'An invitation to travel' www.invitationtotravel.info and we are now exploring a further collaboration. Marty is researching  multi-sensory integration and representation of memory  and our wide ranging dialogue addressed how we navigate from place to place, how dementia disables this process and comparisons with the impact on memory of our use of digital devices.  I met with Marty recently and by seeking to identify how we might build future work together around more tangible outcomes we took a vital step back and began to unravel the underlying challenges in overlaying our apporaches. Recognising differences in some of our inspoken assumptions made us laugh and appreciate the real value of working together i.e for each of us to discover questions that we didnt realise existed! My idea of creating a walk between the art school and the new science building has taken on another dimension.

Heading east

January 29, 2018 by Sally Stenton   Comments (0)

On Friday the aa2a artists were invited to take part in a 'Compass Safari' with Simon Fathfull. We set off from the centre of Parkers Piece with a compass, each in a different direction. I headed east and soon found myself back at Anglia Ruskin. The compass took me into the new science building (see previous blog entry). It created a different way of navigating the space and the building interfered with the compass, so I could no longer be sure which way I should be going. I tried the different floors to find a way out - the compass pointed direct to a fire exit, I hesitated and thought about pressing the bar. The camera hanging at an angle from my coat created a film of my journey that was unfamiliar to me when i watched it - the disruption to my former view and relationship to the place was unexpected and provocative - thank you Simon!


January 24, 2018 by Sally Stenton   Comments (0)


I began with the notion of ‘Tripping over digital objects’ and whilst I might deviate, this is serving as a kind of anchor point, an ambiguous place to return to! In amongst my varied enquiries I have

-       taken photos of an open form resembling a laptop, cut them out and placed them in spaces where people walk, on the floor and skirting board of the Forensic Science corridor.

-    used the plasma cutter to make a metal version of the 2d object

-    met with a Forensic Science lecturer and discovered that Forensic Science will be moving into the new science building (it is currently adjacent to the School of Art) and that there will be a new crime scene suite to replace the one on the Forensic corridor

 -   went in search of the new crime scene and found a sign to the psychology testing cubicles...

I realise now that the false starts, diversions and sense of not knowing are necessary precursors to the more comfortable (but probably transitory) sense of a way forward. I am thinking about the physical postures that are unwittingly assumed during interaction with digital devices, about turning this into a journey through the spaces that I am discovering....about connecting spaces for art and science.