Open Studios

April 11, 2016 by Rachel Durance   Comments (0)

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I will be opening my studio at Exchange Place Studios as part of Open Up Sheffield Friday 30th April to Monday 2nd of May and Saturday 7th May - Sunday 8th May. 
For this years Open Studios I will be showing the work I have made as part of my AA2A residency at Hallam which will include photographic images produced from glass negatives from 1902 and letters I have created to form a narrative between the people in the images.
As part of Open Studios I will also be offering a free limited edition print (limited to 50) in exchange for a personal family memory/story. All stories provided on the day will then go onto shape and inform my ongoing project regarding the family album.
For information about Sheffield Open Studios (Including my studio location and Opening times) please visit: http://openupsheffield.co.uk/open-up-artists/rachel-durance/
I Hope you can make it and I look forward to discussing my work with you!

I need your help

December 5, 2015 by Rachel Durance   Comments (0)

I am currently undertaking a project on memory, relationships and the family album as part of my AA2A residency at Sheffield Hallam University. Part of the project will involve creating a photographic album with crowd sourced stories/memories accompanying the photographs I'm using to form a narrative for the family in the images. This is where I need your help!

Do you have a cherished memory of a sibling, a fantastic family day out, a funny tale about your favourite uncle, getting up to no good with your mischievous cousins or a heated family argument? Send me your stories! All will be treated with the greatest respect, confidential and will be anonymous.

Please send your stories to Rachel.durance@live.co.uk All stories will be greatly appreciated.


The beginning of something new from something old

November 30, 2015 by Rachel Durance   Comments (0)

For a long time I have had a box of glass negatives floating about my studio. My father had picked them up at a sale room with a job lot of cameras for me and I never knew what to do with them. I believe they are from approximately 1902 taken in the Forres/Dyke/Findhorn area of Moray. They seem to document the life and adventures of a rather well off family and are taken in that beautiful formal style of traditional photography. 


I always loved found art and artists who re-purpose found objects but the issues of authorship and respect to the original work has always played on my mind. How do you create something new from something that once had such personal and sentimental value? but then again the negatives also have a personal connect to me as they remind me of my amazing father, who not only bought these negatives for me, but who nurtured my photography by helping purchase my 1st camera.


I am very much in the beginning stages of figuring out this new project but I know family and relationships are key to developing work that honours the original intentions of this work and will help me to creating work that is also personal to myself. As I work with these negatives I want the project to grow organically in a holistic way through researching the history of the family album and physically working with the negative.


As always with a new project, I am excited and full of wonder. At this point there are endless possibilities.....