The End

July 6, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

The end of an era. (AA2A residency draws to a close)

What a great time it’s been.

This oughta be the last post I make. Signing out.

So here is my attempt to sum up the past month or so of whats been going on/off/on again/round and round/side to side/and every other way the wind blows. 

Post AA2A Show is now very much ON! Secured funding from the Uni. Secured a space courtesy of the kind folks at Newcastle Arts Centre.

Between working at the gallery, I spent the in between days getting into the ceramic studio and glazing/decaling new members of the dysfuktional ceramix family. New images to appear online soon.

Today is the first day in well over a month in which I have made found time to write the end of this blog. That’s how crazy things have been lately. The stress of it all has had my seriasis kick back in again, which is totally unfair given that I can’t even spell it!

Crazy neurotic weather.

I’ve been going thru those old haunting moments of wonders and thoughts that stalk the trouble and euphoric mind with delight and fear all at once. 

Artist interviews and chit-chat-art-chatting up - see www.infesting.net

I’ve been collecting found torn out pages along walks round the streets.

Aside from myself the BA students mounted a fabtastic Degree Show. Well done. Hats off to them. All the stops well and truly out. And Andrew won the AA2A Student vote! He did give an extremely awesome rallying performance in his lecture.

Nu friends. wine. beers. sitting on the grass in the sunshine.

It has been a rollercoaster. A snowplough. A jump around. A time of gr-eat development for my practice.

Change nothing.

I spent a good amount of time in the library, more than needs to be blogged about but as its the end I feel it deserves a little mention.


only once did i successfully insert a photo into my blog post. how did i do that?!

Did I achieve my proposal? I'm still kinda finding out what those became. But I guess that yes, some way towards achieving. and some failing. I'm keen to inherit failure in the works to maintain honesty. spunk. excitement.

POST AA2A SHOW - what condition our terms of condition are in

26th July - 13th August

Newcastle Arts Centre

67b Westgate Road