End Days

May 12, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (1)

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Here comes the end. Did I blink or was it a dream all along?!

Its been a great journey and now its winding down -  and this is starting to sound like folk tune!

April was a few weeks away - a much needed break from all things. I took myself to seemingly the edge of the world and spend a week walking the gorgeous West Wales coast line, going to the pub and playing Scrabble (I even won twice, which made for a memorable holiday!). And after giving my mind, body and soul a deep cleanse I returned to take on the final push at AA2A.

Last week I returned to Northumbria to my clean, lonely and longing desk of disfigurines and newly arrived Parian slip tubs. Yay! And since then it's been go, go, go. Catching up with the other AA2Aers and attempting to pin together a post AA2A expo. So its been phone calls and emails and I'm currently no nearer to achieving a space. Not one that suits everyone. But ain't that just the way. We've all got our own ideas. I hope we can just get it together to put on a good display of our successful residency. Soon to be successful anyways! I've been granted a little more time to finish off, as I'm not using studio space. This will allow me to glaze and decals (oh! when will Bill get the decals to me - that man has never once replied to my emails so I end up calling him). I shall call him tomorrow. And I shall also be following up on a contact I've been given for an expo space potential. This is I believe inevitable for having let it sneak up on us.

So this may not be my last blog post, although this is the dawn of the end. And in preparation for departing I have been putting wheels to motion. Still to finish my application for History of Art MA but have completed my application for the upcoming post of Sculpture Technician at Northumbria Uni, which I feel I tick the right boxes for. And last week I had an interview for a studio space at a scheme who I was told would contact me on Monday - and today is Thursday, so thats not feeling to confident but no email, no voicemail - strange. I'm leaving it until Monday coming and then asking for feedback. Perhaps they have the wrong number for me. Sometimes we never know the reasons why things happen the way they do. I can only keep doing what I can do.

See you soon -x-

You sound like  a man with plans and they're all positive. 'Keep plugging away', that's my motto!


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