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March 1, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (2)

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Quick update.

Monday 28th Feb. my one day in for two weeks. mucho sorted.

Plans in place to deliver mould making workshop. 17 March.

Applied to exhibition with new works.

And updating on the last instalments receipe - some of the work I cast a couple of weeks ago is awaiting fireing/awaiting the kilns being reconnected to the electric. Unfortunately this is taking longer than we in ceramics have hoped but rest assured that are wait is nearly over. in the mean time some not so handy electricans and sink fitter have damaged some pre fired pieces - beheading figurines and such like. I break my works - not other people. Not cool. But dispite it all it is beginning to feel like I am to the right path. Now am concerning myself with application to MA in HoA. mucho more works to come.

And Monday was the last of the regular Monday night students expo preview nights on campus. They have been a socialable and invaluable fixture in getting to know the students and have a couple of cold cheap beers and snacks to warm us through the end of the winter months.

Roll on spring and fireing.

for now, till next time, imagine a better sign off.

Sounds like your taking a brilliantly positive attitude. It is really upsetting when works get damaged. 

Kirsty E Smith 2420 days ago

Thanks Kirsty. I'm trying. I've been away for a couple of weeks so hopefully returning fresh and unwounded to tackle the work at hand.

Peter-Ashley Jackson 2414 days ago