Hanging Week & Exhibition Week

February 3, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

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Hanging Week was a fast paced delight. Such a long time since I actually hung my own show. And what a pleasure it was to experience again. The rush, the pain, the last minute re-hang and the lack of sustenance.


Tuesday was spend painting walls back to white following the previous exhibition having left us with large black squares painted all over the walls. Not cool. Would have preferred to be hanging the show but alas this was not to be. It all got a bit much for me with the paint fumes and I when I realised this I had to pop off for a cuppa and grab some cold bitter fresh mid-January air.


Wednesday, we got most of the expo up, Clarita was first to have all works in place and the show was starting to look groovy. And once the vinyl was in place the four of us gathered around in mutual appreciation of how wondrous our names looked in big bold font on the wall alongside the exhibition title.


‘what condition our condition is in’


The preview was Thursday, I didn’t eat all day and following a last minute re-hang I was left with little time to find food and digest it. Thankfully I managed to escape (10mins) for a cheap pizza and a pint before heading back to the show, pizza in hand to a well-packed exhibition entrance with people hovering around the freebies. Turning up to one’s own preview eating a take away might not seem the best way to present oneself to the glamour glad visitors but it did make me very popular and I had to dish out a few slices to dispose of the evidence quickly. That wasn’t to be the end of my take away eating activities for the evening, but I’ll leave it at the one take away tale for this instalment.


The preview was both very well attended and well received. All my worries about the dreadful state of the chipped, paint splattered gallery floor all evaporated when I entered the space to see that it was so packed that one couldn’t even see the floor. Phew! And what of the artwork?


I received many kind comments from friends and students, many expressing their positive surprise at the departure from presenting my ceramic works. It was a refreshing experience to do so.


Photos from the exhibition will be uploaded soon. Thanks Clarita for taking those.


During the Exhibition week I held a series of informal drop in sessions for students to come by and discuss anything of any sort. And they did. We discussed students works, my work, bits of art history and the concern of arts education in the current political climate.


It was a great experience and now its over and I’ve had a chance to reflect and gain distance. Next step is to get back to the disfunktional ceramics. Getting in to the ceramics studio at last following it’s being under refurbishment since starting AA2A. What’s to come? Wait and see. More coming soon.


A big thanks to Northumbria Uni, Gallery North, Sue Spark, Ariana (Gallery North intern) who all helped to make the exhibition a success and of course not forgetting the three other fantastic artists, Alan Hathaway, Clarita Lulic & Andrew Wilson.