The End

July 6, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

The end of an era. (AA2A residency draws to a close)

What a great time it’s been.

This oughta be the last post I make. Signing out.

So here is my attempt to sum up the past month or so of whats been going on/off/on again/round and round/side to side/and every other way the wind blows. 

Post AA2A Show is now very much ON! Secured funding from the Uni. Secured a space courtesy of the kind folks at Newcastle Arts Centre.

Between working at the gallery, I spent the in between days getting into the ceramic studio and glazing/decaling new members of the dysfuktional ceramix family. New images to appear online soon.

Today is the first day in well over a month in which I have made found time to write the end of this blog. That’s how crazy things have been lately. The stress of it all has had my seriasis kick back in again, which is totally unfair given that I can’t even spell it!

Crazy neurotic weather.

I’ve been going thru those old haunting moments of wonders and thoughts that stalk the trouble and euphoric mind with delight and fear all at once. 

Artist interviews and chit-chat-art-chatting up - see www.infesting.net

I’ve been collecting found torn out pages along walks round the streets.

Aside from myself the BA students mounted a fabtastic Degree Show. Well done. Hats off to them. All the stops well and truly out. And Andrew won the AA2A Student vote! He did give an extremely awesome rallying performance in his lecture.

Nu friends. wine. beers. sitting on the grass in the sunshine.

It has been a rollercoaster. A snowplough. A jump around. A time of gr-eat development for my practice.

Change nothing.

I spent a good amount of time in the library, more than needs to be blogged about but as its the end I feel it deserves a little mention.


only once did i successfully insert a photo into my blog post. how did i do that?!

Did I achieve my proposal? I'm still kinda finding out what those became. But I guess that yes, some way towards achieving. and some failing. I'm keen to inherit failure in the works to maintain honesty. spunk. excitement.

POST AA2A SHOW - what condition our terms of condition are in

26th July - 13th August

Newcastle Arts Centre

67b Westgate Road

End Days

May 12, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (1)

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Here comes the end. Did I blink or was it a dream all along?!

Its been a great journey and now its winding down -  and this is starting to sound like folk tune!

April was a few weeks away - a much needed break from all things. I took myself to seemingly the edge of the world and spend a week walking the gorgeous West Wales coast line, going to the pub and playing Scrabble (I even won twice, which made for a memorable holiday!). And after giving my mind, body and soul a deep cleanse I returned to take on the final push at AA2A.

Last week I returned to Northumbria to my clean, lonely and longing desk of disfigurines and newly arrived Parian slip tubs. Yay! And since then it's been go, go, go. Catching up with the other AA2Aers and attempting to pin together a post AA2A expo. So its been phone calls and emails and I'm currently no nearer to achieving a space. Not one that suits everyone. But ain't that just the way. We've all got our own ideas. I hope we can just get it together to put on a good display of our successful residency. Soon to be successful anyways! I've been granted a little more time to finish off, as I'm not using studio space. This will allow me to glaze and decals (oh! when will Bill get the decals to me - that man has never once replied to my emails so I end up calling him). I shall call him tomorrow. And I shall also be following up on a contact I've been given for an expo space potential. This is I believe inevitable for having let it sneak up on us.

So this may not be my last blog post, although this is the dawn of the end. And in preparation for departing I have been putting wheels to motion. Still to finish my application for History of Art MA but have completed my application for the upcoming post of Sculpture Technician at Northumbria Uni, which I feel I tick the right boxes for. And last week I had an interview for a studio space at a scheme who I was told would contact me on Monday - and today is Thursday, so thats not feeling to confident but no email, no voicemail - strange. I'm leaving it until Monday coming and then asking for feedback. Perhaps they have the wrong number for me. Sometimes we never know the reasons why things happen the way they do. I can only keep doing what I can do.

See you soon -x-

printing days

April 12, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

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After a fab weekend trip to London to see my new works on show at the Curwen Gallery last week was a return to the studio.

Finally got round to producing my colouring book. A series of what will hopefully be an edition of 50 featuring 12 fun filled pages of Topless Octopus action to colour or interpret in any way one wishes.

All screen printed by myself - next step is to get the cover printed and bind the books together for sale. And now it's back to thinking about the ceramics. But first its time for a holiday to Wales for some relaxation and walks in the countryside.

In other news - looking to find a space for a post AA2A expo and checking out a location today.

See a sneek peak of the colouring book before its bound @ http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/view/8396/colouring-book-preview


March 24, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

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I am not a ceramicist!

That said I offered a mould making workshop which took place last Thursday,

Thirteen students signed up, three made apologies, four turned up, others presumed MIA.

Those who did attend experienced how (and how not) to make a two part plaster mould.

Each brought there own object except one who made a mould of my work for me, and properly better than some of my efforts!

We made moulds of tiny figures, figurines, a money box and an alarm clock. The latter proving most difficult - becoming stuck in the mould at one point due to slight oversight. Alas. My fault I feel, we were in a hurry for lunch and it was St Patrick's Day - pint of the black stuff and some hula-hoops. mmm....

But we have managed to successfully make casts of all objects, although the clock doesn't look quite like its original. Next step is to fire them in the next batch to inhabit the now working kiln which had its inaugural ceremony giving life to some of the parian cast work i produced over a month ago. I'll get some images uploaded soon.

And as well as plaster mould making I also showed the group alginate and with great results we produced some replica hands and toes. A fab, quick and easy mould making/casting technique that always amazes first time users. They're all telling me there gonna get more of the stuff now. Pretty positive response :)


March 16, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

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Preparing for mould making workshop with 2nd year students, gathering equipments and setting up the studio - sign up sheet filled.

Have finished works and arranged their delivery for 'Small Form' exhibition at Curwen Gallery, London from 30 March - 21 April.

Been in collision with postcard rack at the student union - thankfully did not seem to pierce the leg muscles but have had to hobble about for a few days and seek sympathy by flashing my scars. Started to feel like i was falling apart after getting a battering from a door in high winds that made my shoulder feel like it was about to drop off for days (left me daze!) Maybe its karma for smashing the figurines.

New works at last in the kiln - warming up the studio currently at a mild 460 degrees and rising!

And have finally made my blog into official peterashleyjackson.com - check it out.

Day something else

March 1, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (2)

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Quick update.

Monday 28th Feb. my one day in for two weeks. mucho sorted.

Plans in place to deliver mould making workshop. 17 March.

Applied to exhibition with new works.

And updating on the last instalments receipe - some of the work I cast a couple of weeks ago is awaiting fireing/awaiting the kilns being reconnected to the electric. Unfortunately this is taking longer than we in ceramics have hoped but rest assured that are wait is nearly over. in the mean time some not so handy electricans and sink fitter have damaged some pre fired pieces - beheading figurines and such like. I break my works - not other people. Not cool. But dispite it all it is beginning to feel like I am to the right path. Now am concerning myself with application to MA in HoA. mucho more works to come.

And Monday was the last of the regular Monday night students expo preview nights on campus. They have been a socialable and invaluable fixture in getting to know the students and have a couple of cold cheap beers and snacks to warm us through the end of the winter months.

Roll on spring and fireing.

for now, till next time, imagine a better sign off.

Day 21 ½

February 15, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (1)

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Some days are better than others.

Here are the following ingredients:

1 ½ a day with mould making plaster mess and silicone disaster.

½ a day experimenting with silicon clay casting of new works.

½ a day making firmer successful clay slip casts.

mix for ½ an hour of diligence and Hey Presto! Something smells like progress.

Next step: leave to bake in the kiln for 1 ½ a day and by Monday next week...

...we'll see

make sure to tune in for next week's instalment to see how this week's ½ recipe turns out.


Day 17 & 18 (post exhibition week)

February 7, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

Thursday - Continued to make moulds for casting. Got into ceramics, setup space for getting messy with clay slips. Hopefully not too messy.

Friday - continued making moulds and struggling with printer technology. Accidentally stumbled upon my own personal discovery of room 101 mac computer room.

Doesn't sound like much but its been productive.

Images from the exhibition our now uploaded to AA2A.biz. see >>> http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/7344/what-condition-our-condition-is-in

Hanging Week & Exhibition Week

February 3, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

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Hanging Week was a fast paced delight. Such a long time since I actually hung my own show. And what a pleasure it was to experience again. The rush, the pain, the last minute re-hang and the lack of sustenance.


Tuesday was spend painting walls back to white following the previous exhibition having left us with large black squares painted all over the walls. Not cool. Would have preferred to be hanging the show but alas this was not to be. It all got a bit much for me with the paint fumes and I when I realised this I had to pop off for a cuppa and grab some cold bitter fresh mid-January air.


Wednesday, we got most of the expo up, Clarita was first to have all works in place and the show was starting to look groovy. And once the vinyl was in place the four of us gathered around in mutual appreciation of how wondrous our names looked in big bold font on the wall alongside the exhibition title.


‘what condition our condition is in’


The preview was Thursday, I didn’t eat all day and following a last minute re-hang I was left with little time to find food and digest it. Thankfully I managed to escape (10mins) for a cheap pizza and a pint before heading back to the show, pizza in hand to a well-packed exhibition entrance with people hovering around the freebies. Turning up to one’s own preview eating a take away might not seem the best way to present oneself to the glamour glad visitors but it did make me very popular and I had to dish out a few slices to dispose of the evidence quickly. That wasn’t to be the end of my take away eating activities for the evening, but I’ll leave it at the one take away tale for this instalment.


The preview was both very well attended and well received. All my worries about the dreadful state of the chipped, paint splattered gallery floor all evaporated when I entered the space to see that it was so packed that one couldn’t even see the floor. Phew! And what of the artwork?


I received many kind comments from friends and students, many expressing their positive surprise at the departure from presenting my ceramic works. It was a refreshing experience to do so.


Photos from the exhibition will be uploaded soon. Thanks Clarita for taking those.


During the Exhibition week I held a series of informal drop in sessions for students to come by and discuss anything of any sort. And they did. We discussed students works, my work, bits of art history and the concern of arts education in the current political climate.


It was a great experience and now its over and I’ve had a chance to reflect and gain distance. Next step is to get back to the disfunktional ceramics. Getting in to the ceramics studio at last following it’s being under refurbishment since starting AA2A. What’s to come? Wait and see. More coming soon.


A big thanks to Northumbria Uni, Gallery North, Sue Spark, Ariana (Gallery North intern) who all helped to make the exhibition a success and of course not forgetting the three other fantastic artists, Alan Hathaway, Clarita Lulic & Andrew Wilson.


Day 15 & 16

January 19, 2011 by Peter-Ashley Jackson   Comments (0)

Still getting over flu. Slowly easing myself back in to a routine following xmas and the horror of flu.

Adventures into silicone rubber mould making - goes well.

Finished paintings for exhibition.

And after struggling with plaster mould making have decided either; A. plaster mould making sucks! or B. i suck at plaster mould making. (Likely the latter)

Smashing moulds out with a brick is not a technical skill. I blame the flu for having forgotten how to make moulds.

Exhibition very soon. Yay!