End of Residency

May 29, 2011 by Nicola Roscoe-Calvert   Comments (0)

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I've been terrible at updating this. As usual teaching takes over.

We had our Residency exhibition back in March, but due to the location (the front windows of the college) I don't think I was able to get that many decent photos of my work. I will be putting those I have, however, in my albums. Anyway, we've been invited to exhibit at the college's end of year show in Novas CUC, so it's another chance for my work to be seen and for me to photograph it. I may just have to add something to those parts I'm not quite happy with before then. Oh, and find a new piece of fabric for the 'altar', as mine has been swiped by some opportunistic Foundation student!

The Residency's been a great experience, and without the work space and budget I wouldn't have been able to create those works just yet. It's got me thinking along new lines, too, and I've got some ideas which I intend to research and start work on over the summer, when I have a bit more free time. I've also enjoyed working with Diploma students on painting and life drawing. It's given me experience of teaching a different subject, and on a different course.

Witnesses, Watchers and some leftovers...

March 1, 2011 by Nicola Roscoe-Calvert   Comments (0)

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I've put some new photos up, so have a look at them, and this might make some sense.

Well the headboard finally arrived - only 27 days late - and now the second triptych, 'The Watchers' is well on its way. Just got to play around with the colours a little bit, not too much.

I spent ages looking at 'The Witnesses' and wondering what else it needed. I was thinking about the idea of these pieces being some kind of domestic debris, the trellis in particular, like something that might have been left outside to be 'discovered' years later. That made me think about what other sorts of objects you might find lying about, and I liked the idea of using broken bottles.

Thinking it through, I thought that if I used actual bottles, I might find it difficult to attach the curved glass to the trellis, so I opted for a sheet of stained glass, which I then broke into smaller, shattered pieces (it's great fun smashing a nice clean sheet of glass with the heel of your boot!!).I haven't been able to have a proper look at the finished thing because the last of the glue was still setting, but I was pleased with the half-way stage (you can see bits of this in the photos).

I also bought a radiator cabinet to be the base of my third triptych, 'The Wanderer'. More on that when I've spent more time on it.

I went back to the spot where I'd seen the broken ceramic pieces in the street, but they were gone. I did however find some nice pieces of slate, which I think I'm going to use for one of my Lovecraft inspired work. There are also a few larger pieces of leftover glass which I want to try painting on, as I've never done that before.

(Some) progress.

February 14, 2011 by Nicola Roscoe-Calvert   Comments (0)

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I've been really terrible at updating this blog, so I'm going to have to make an effort to keep up with it from now on.

I've been waiting nearly a month now for a headboard which is to be the base of my second triptych, 'The Watchers'. I'm told it's arriving tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to get on with that. I've also got my eye on a radiator cover to be the base of my third triptych, but that will probably have to wait a couple of weeks.

So while I've been waiting, I've worked on 'The Witnesses', and I think it's coming near to being finished. I'm really pleased with the images, and with the colour I've added to the trellis (have a look at my image albums to see the progression). I keep going back to it, though, and wondering if it needs more. I suppose once I've made the others I'll be able to judge it better.

I've also been working with a group of Creative and Media students at the college, which has been really good so far, and hopefully I'll be able to expand this after half term and start to get around and see some of the other groups. It'd be good to get some feedback on my work.

All four of us at the college have an exhibition coming up in the college front windows in March, and it's rather a large space to fill, so I'm just hoping I can get everything done in time! There are also some cabinets inside the college which can be used as part of the exhibition. I was thinking of what I could do to use this space on my way home, when I saw some broken ceramic pieces on the floor, and thought that it might be really interesting to use the fragments in a sort of semi-sculptural work. I've been re-visiting H.P. Lovecraft as a source of inspiration (alongside my work from W.H.Auden), and I think fragmented imagery might be a good way to put across some of the more abstract ideas in his work.

Back to work...

December 6, 2010 by Nicola Roscoe-Calvert   Comments (0)

So, after starting a new job, and having some kind of horrible cold for the past two weeks, I finally managed to get back in to the college, to start work on the first of my triptychs. Not a lot to show for it yet, but I'm hoping to spend a bit more time there over the next couple of weeks before the Christmas holiday. While I was staining the trellis that's going to be the base of my tripytch, I did get to watch the first episode of the Art of Germany on iplayer, so I'd say it was a pretty productive day.

AA2A residency at Liverpool Community College

November 8, 2010 by Nicola Roscoe-Calvert   Comments (0)

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(Originally posted on my usual blog...)

Bit of a late update, this, but a few weeks ago I was accepted onto an AA2A (artists' access to art colleges) residency at Liverpool Community College, along with three others.

Having been at the college for three years as a student, and then completing my second PGCE placement there, it's like being back at home, and I've told them that they're never going to get rid of me because I like it too much here.

Today was the second day I've spent in college, and I think it's going pretty well. I'm working on something inspired by some of the poems of W.H. Auden, and up to this point I've got a lot of drawings of birds (how good did it feel to be able to say "well, I've just spent the morning drawing rooks, really"?) and some planning sketches for a series of triptychs based around three poems, 'The Witnesses', 'The Wanderer' and 'The Watchers'. I thought I might as well go for a bit of alliteration, too.

Probably the strangest thing at the minute is that I've actually got money to spend on materials, thanks to the AA2A's funding. I know that without it, it would be some time before I was able to make this work.