Re-introduce sketching in pubs

November 4, 2011 by Martin Joiner   Comments (1)

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From my observations of Plymouth University (and other campuses), there is an important element missing from the environment as it currently stands. In my role as one of the artists in residence I would like to re-introduce the time-honoured tradition of regularly sketching in pubs and encourage students, tutors, techs, AA2As and the public to see it as normal to have a pint and a chat in the bar at the end of the day.

Beer and Sketch Books

These events (for want of a less formal term) are really important to me because I do honestly believe that sketching in the pub is a valuable method for simultaneously connecting with the public and learning about your peers in a way that feels natural. It's the informal side of a creative practice, the decompression period after intense cultural research. It's essential and I want to teach it to students. 


(On a side note: It came to my attention earlier this week that the term "Sketch book" can mean research material to many students, thinking of one as containing pages of magazine snippets, photocopied images and hand-written academic notes. This was quite a surprise to me! My idea of a sketch book is sketched ideas, diagrams, illustrations from observation and early proposals for future works.)

Hello Martin,

I love your idea to reintroduce sketching into pubs... although I'm not sure I've ever seen much of it up here in order to REintroduce it... I'd definately be glad to start this trend though as the main reason I don't go to the pub much is I find, after the initial conversation and exchange of stories has taken place, that it's a pretty boring place to be...

Plus, the more drawing the better!

I'm not exactly doing something hugely similar but I am developing some post boxes which will be dotted both around the University and other places as portals to a "bank of ideas" - a kind of open-source library of inspiration where people can equally deposit ideas and check them out/ steal them for their own projects.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing how your project comes along!



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