September 2011

Nude female sculpture causing a stir in studio

October 28, 2011 by Martin Joiner   Comments (0)

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I moved my sculpture (entitled "How women work according to men") into The Fine Art studio in the Roland Lavinsky building (Plymouth University) yesterday. The interactive work's most recent addition is the red, block capital wording on the front of the plinth which reads "PUSH BUTTON TO TURN ON"; a necessary amendment I felt as despite the sculpture being interactive, it is often observed tentatively from a distance with the viewer keeping hands firmly by side. This sense of a lack of permision to touch is inspite of the sculpture boasting a prominent and highly tactile arcade button, positioned at easy-to-reach level.

I distanced myself from the sculpture, reveling in the anonymity that comes with being the new guy on campus, and observed reactions as the students discovered the new addition to their shared space. Much to my relief the work continued to invoke the 50:50 mix of offence and entertainment that it always has. 

I am doing a presentation of my work and practice next Wednesday at 12:00 in Babbage 411.