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New Artists for a New Year...

October 1, 2010 by University Centre Doncaster   Comments (0)

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Hurrah- the new AA2A scheme is starting!
We've had many outstanding applications this year and it was a real struggle to narrow down our list to just 4. Lots of the applicants had really interesting, unique ideas which we would have loved to have seen but in the end, we had to base our decision on how much we felt the artists 'needed' the scheme, in order for them to progress as artists and also on how much of a strain it would be on certain department areas, in having the artists here!
We're very pleased to annouce that the 4 artists we selected, have accepted our offer and they start on Monday! More information about the artists will follow shortly but here they are....
Kay Aitch
Jan Haskins
Terry Chipp
Scott Engering