January 2010

Happy new year!

January 4, 2010 by Martin Pick   Comments (0)

A new year, a new decade and new projects to start...

The Doncaster University Centre site, at high Melton, is a great mix of church architecture which started out in 1153 it also has a medieval tower and a succession of modern additions which seem to range from the late 40’s to the present day.  I spent a couple of days photographing the site over Christmas and have posted them in a new album.  The strange contrasts in the scale of the site captured my imagination; this together with references to the conflict in Afghanistan and the ‘unreality’ of modern warfare led me to the idea of model solders and the lingering question of what is real.  The result is a developing project ‘on being plastic’.  First images are posted in yet another album.

I can recommend the exhibition ‘Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism’ which is on at the Manchester Art Gallery until the 10th of January (not much time left to see it I’m afraid).  A stunning show with some great photographs by Lee Miller.

The Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield has a show of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work.  Brilliant portraits with remarkable detail in the eyes exhibited together with some of his more unsettling fetish images.  This one is on till the 27th March and is a must see for local photographers.  Running alongside it is an exhibition ‘Comedians: From the 1940s to Now’.  Don’t miss it.  The quality of the early black and white images is breath taking and the Bill Brandt image of Peter Sellers is for me the pick of an excellent show.