December 2009

Week ending 6 December 09

December 5, 2009 by Martin Pick   Comments (0)

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Monday was a great day; the day we started our residencies at Doncaster College and met up with Head of Art: Debbie Pulleybank members of her team and the other Doncaster based artists: Davie Moakes, Anna-Mercedes Wear and John Cuttriss.  To my surprise, John, Davie and I are all members of the same local art group www.artsfringe.org.uk     The college print room with Graham Firth presiding is a real temptation and worthy of documentation in its own right.  The darkroom is full of potential and there is a real buzz of creativity round the place.  A bit daunting but looks like good fun..uk.uk

My self imposed project is to document three markets: Doncaster, Newcastle and Cambridge.  So I’m trying to get permissions cleared at each to start the work.  Newcastle and Doncaster have agreed and I’ve yet to approach Cambridge. 

One area of conflict, internal, is resolved.  I’m going to use the techniques I like the best – simple black and white documentary.  Well it was resolved till I took a shot of a stall holder with reindeer antlers today and have to admit that it might look better in colour.  I used to be indecisive but now ..

The Newcastle market team were very helpful and allowed me to get started straight away.  So I’ve taken some shots.  But felt ill at ease, I hope because I was under time pressure or perhaps now I’m an Artist in Residence I’m going to have to get used to suffering ‘blocks’!  I have posted some of the the pictures, they are a start but are just a shot at the surface.