Back to work!

February 28, 2012 by Madeleine O'Mahony   Comments (0)

So I haven't been able to actually get to Portsmouth for a few months as I have been really busy with work but I have set aside some time over the next few weeks during which I have planned to experiment with some screen printing and laser cutting.

Although I haven't been into college I have spent quite a while researching and developing my project and am eager to get into the print room. I will upload some of my research to my profile over the next week and also have a couple of Pinterest boards that I have been developing for the project:



Screen Printing

November 11, 2011 by Madeleine O'Mahony   Comments (0)

We had the screen print induction yesterday which was fantastic. I love screen printing & I can't wait to get back into those studios! My artwork was a basic geometric and I am really pleased with the paper versions. I really like the colours I use - neon pink & a sort of eau de nil or bluey mint. It's given me lots of new ideas and I hope to get into the studio as soon as possible next week.


New beginnings..

October 26, 2011 by Madeleine O'Mahony   Comments (0)

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So I am getting settled in the AA2A scheme now & having inductions for the workshops (3D & lasercutting so far - screen printing & ceramics to come). I have to say it is so refreshing to be able to think about creative work without necessarily having the constraints of making money from it. I am just really happy to be able to access the equipment that I have been looking for since I graduated but haven't got room for in my studio, to have the space & time to experiment, make mistakes & develop!

I hope to write regular blog posts to keep up with what I am working on. I think I am heading in the craft, textile, geometric direction... traditional crafts, modern techniques, working with plastics, wood & screenprinting. I'm not 100% sure yet - I've got a bit more research to do first. If anyone is interested in talking to me about any artistic projects or what I'm doing then please get in touch!