Mulberry Bush, Sellotape and Sardines.

January 20, 2012 by Liz Linell   Comments (0)

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Empty College this week, the students in Valencia.

Painting for me is very like writing, things just happen and develop once there is a germ of an idea on the page/canvas.  With this chipboard I prefer not to plan. The coarseness of the surface has a way of overriding my own schemes anyway, and I find I like the discovery of unknown influences.

Next week I am not in Chesterfield College. Observations are being done by Outside Powers, and tensions are visibly mounting.  I shall miss the space and freedom to paint uninterrupted for two whole days : the value of having a studio away from home.

When I return I will have finally gone round all around the mulberry bush and ended up where I should have been at the start - in room W135, opposite W 137 where I am now. I feel like a cat chasing her tail.  It's a while since Ginger chased his tail. Seem to remember it was that sellotaped sardine which caused the whirling dervish episode. Sorry, no CCTV footage - more's the pity.