Handing In the Jacket

May 3, 2017 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

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The jacket is finished and handed in to Chester Military Museum of the exhibition. Relining it was a challenge and I now could write a chapter on 'things you ought to know about replacing a lining, before you start'. Incorporating technology in to the outer design has been fun and also an education.  

Sublimation printing

February 16, 2017 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

Spent time in the Fashion and textiles room over the last two days. I have tested some different fabrics and also printed again on the silk satin which gives a great affect.

I managed to find out more about Tomoko's work last week, after our chat to the third years students, which was fascinating hopefully we can catch up again at some point. 

Photo Polymer, Intaglio prints

February 3, 2017 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

Had a full day in the print room. Greg the technician is very informative and helpful. The process is really fascinating and I can't wait to produce my own plates to work from.  



Meeting the others!

January 27, 2017 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

It was great to meet up with the other AA2A artists (minus the poorly and the aboard ones), and the students reps, real enthusiasm and interest, very refreshing. I do feel lucky to have this opportunity.

The Library

December 14, 2016 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

There is a great buzz for me being in the library with the chance to just look at whatever appeals. Sort of like a luxury of choice. I was drawn to two distinct areas. First was dance theory such as 'Dance in the Field' and 'Capturing Dancing' with interesting discussion of dance notation. 'Coat Connemara' disscusses a film about a coat and its wearer, all fascinating and resonates with the filmic work I have done in the past. My other find was Photographic Memory- The Album in the age of the photographer. Here the particular section for me was Walker Evans - Photographic Albums -For Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Where 'Evans communicated the humanity of (them) ...in head-on bust length portraits without artifice, allowing their experiences, posture and clothing to communicate who they were....'. Lots for me to mull over.          

Getting on with it

November 16, 2016 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

Got my first sublimation prints through today. Really pleased with the results. Staff are so helpful and enthusiastic. Great to meet and chat to the 3rd year students today.

'Re' Construction of the Restored Bodice

February 8, 2012 by Julie Cassels   Comments (0)

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Trials (and Tribulations)

I have just put up a set of images on the site which I think of as a ‘sketch’ book. They are the majority of the work I have been doing so far on the residency. To fill in the gaps though, I am working on a digital reconstruction of a 17th century bodice from the Gallery of Costume Platt Hall, in Manchester. I was fortunate enough to start the first phase of this project in 2008/9 as part of the AA2A scheme and now that the digital restoration phase is complete I have been able to pursue the second phase of the project. This phase is the reconstruction of the restored bodice, using the digital print facilities available at MMU. I think this along with the images really gives a sense of where I’m up to…..therefore skip the rest if you don’t need the ‘tribulations’ bit.


There have been times when this project has seemed near on impossible, as my initial 'rough draft' blog post records. It is easy to lose perspective when you are a long way from the initial creative burst that starts a lengthy and detailed project such as this. On the positive side I am closer that I have ever been to completing this. The digital restoration is complete, as long as I don’t stray far from my rule that in the restoration I don’t enhance anything that exists on the original bodice. However looking at the detail there are always ways that the end print could be improved.

The digital prints are now as close as possible to the original (that is non-faded), colour and I have created 2D versions of the back and front as stretched canvases which have been put along side the original bodice to check the size, colour etc. of the restored versions.

The Gallery of Costume is looking to display the original bodice with the restoration along side it by March 2012. I have been to see the display unit that is going to be used and there seems to be only top suspension possible given the construction of the case. I am incorporating these details into the design of the bodice’s final form and will probably allow for more than one final outcome.

The main consideration in the project is that the restored, reconstructed object will be displayed along side the original, making the final form critical as it will have a direct comparison. Other pieces that I have created in this way stand on the own without a reference to the original form.

The 3D version of the object needs to be ‘constructed’ but the effects of ‘fore-shortening’ mean that there are parts of the object which do not appear in the correct form and it is necessary to generate them. The ‘final’ outcome will be more than one 3D version of the restored, reconstructed bodice to enable a curatorial choice of display method.