Premiere Vision

February 14, 2010 by Joyce Addai-Davis   Comments (0)

Hi All.

Tuesday I travelled to Paris for the Premiere Vision show (it is a hub for all creative designers worldwide to come together and source manufacturers for garment production, fabric weavers, yarns and colour trends for next seasons collections). I was there on business, I needed to find manufacturers and ideas for Jacquard; I even found the company that provided Chelsea's weave department with their Pointcarre TC-1 loom. Frank - one of the advisors, he was very nice and helpful, I asked him questions about Pointcarre and if they had any suggestions for my project.

The show was so gigantic that I and my business partner could not see everything in the three days we were in Paris. We said that in order to enjoy the show one really needs to know what their collection is about, ideas about fabrics, drapes, garment accessories etc. you just need to know what you want otherwise the show could lead you into confusion. We spoke to jacquard weavers, linen spinners, manufacturers in Romania and new technology fabric producers, every meeting gave us new ideas and made us realised we can create anything as long as we knew what we wanted.

The best part was getting a special creative pass, all thanks to Gill my old Premiere Vision boss with whom I worked for in July 2008 and left after having the opportunity to work in Thailand as a textile weaver 6 months, so coming back to the show as a guest and being able use the creative lounge and rub shoulders with creative designers within the fashion industry - was great honour.

Monday, I'm in the Jacquard room, so please if and when you see me don't hesitate and say hi or ask me a question, I'd be more than happy to help.

Love Joyce xxx


Chelsea I.D CARD

January 26, 2010 by Joyce Addai-Davis   Comments (0)

Thanks to Amanda, today I got my I.D card I'm no longer an illegal immigrant at Chelsea I have officially started!

I spent the whole day at the Library with my business partner, working our collection ideas and different concepts we could analyse and explore for our fashion show as well as designing for my AA2A exhibition in April. I'm really interested in decorative, simple yet sexy chic clothing. The challenge now is to create something that is avant garde, jaw-dropping, but then be able to transcend into more commercial markets.