February 9, 2014 by Jonathan Wilkes   Comments (0)

I have been working with an old 1940’s wooden radio lately, it was a bit battered and with the Universities technicians advice I paint stripped the old chipped varnish off, sanded it down and applied new varnish in thin coats to avoid brush stroked being evident. In my box of stuff, which I use to develop ideas, I found an old beer mat and sitting looking at the radio for a while I decided to hollow it out and create a secret pub, as you do :)


I am also going to add sound effects of a busy bar and a pianio being played in the background, which you will be able to switch on from the radios exsisting knobs. Here I have found a rotary switch and using a voltmeter I have found in which position the switch will switch on a speakers amp and the  CD player to conserve battery life. Next i will make a simular window as the one I have researched to form the backdrop for the radio.

Pen Museum

November 28, 2013 by Jonathan Wilkes   Comments (3)

I am currently organising a group exhibition for three days at the Pen Museum in Birmingham, as part of Museums at Night. We will temporarily become part of the museum intertwining amongst the exhibits, with over ten artists covering performance art, video, live ink making, sculpture, writing and drawing. I am writing up a proposal for a grant from the Arts council, then I can make something.