AA2A and Who am i?

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After graduating two years ago I went to work at Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, I found their to be a refreshing attitude a lack of heirachy in the arts that really appealed to me. 

I moved back to rural North Yorkshire for work in April 2016. I missed having access to the arts, to creative networks to the industry, and to my peers. To a creative network. I found out about AA2A from an artist who had taken part previously. It sounded briliant. Jut the peer networking, diverse source of inspiration and work I needed. I am really happy to be accepted by Derby and look forward to what the next months have in store. An opportunity to develop new work, a place where wealth doesn't matter, a breaking down of the barriers and an increase in access in the Arts. 

Now who am i? What is it that I do? 
I’m Jo (http://www.joannecoates.co.uk/) a visual storyteller based in the North of England. My work is a documentary approach to every day stories that are often overlooked. I graduated from London College of Communication in 2015 and have been working freelance for a year and a half.
My mottos both photographic and personal, is never under estimate anyone, and always listen, everyone has a story worth hearing. 

I studied Fine art at The Cass then Photography at London college of Communication. Honestly, you get out of it what you put into it. I always felt lucky to have the opportunity to be studying in London and used my time. The aspects I found most vital were theory and the visiting lecturers. 

I've been working freelance for a year and a half since graduating all over the world and across the UK. I'm just started on my path and am interested in the ways AA2A wil influence me. 


Lens Think Yorkshire

November 26, 2017 by Joanne Coates   Comments (0)

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L E N S    T H I N K 



Lens think is; A creative group, a community of people that can offer advice, a place where people can chat about ideas and work, it helps ease that pressure. It’s also really important to have peers out there, on the more business side to network and to grow an understanding of the industry you work in.

There are so many rejections in this industry we are told we need to be tough, and develop a thick skin. The problem lies in that most creative are sensitive people, the pressures can take their toll. A physical meeting won’t solve any of the problems within the photographic industry BUT what it can do is be a great place, to encourage inclusivity, to allow people to be curious, to meet people that they can form collaborative projects with.  Also to put on some events that allows people to experiment a little with the medium, with other people and with themselves.  I wanted to create a group where it didn’t matter how established people were, where it doesn’t matter what awards they’ve won, what university you attended, what class you’re from, it’s a meet up where everyone is welcome.

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Our launch event was May 11th 2017 in York. The night saw Al Palmer of Publishers Brown Owl Press alongside Speed Creative networking. Amongst the photographers were Graphic Designers, Publishers and magazine editors. Lens think has a Facebook group which is open to anyone to join, a instagram that features interviews with new and more well known work by photographers who have worked in the North.


Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/281527135607690/




Interview with Fleur and Arbor:




L E N S    T H I N K   C H R I S T M A S   E V E N T   S H E F F I E L D  


L E N S    T H I N K   Y O R K S H I R E     C H R I S T M A S   E V E N T   S H E F F I E L D   N O V E M B E R  3 0 T H

Thursday November 30th  will see the very last social of 2017  for Lens Think Yorkshire, A bi-monthly social in Yorkshire to meet, share work, ideas, & develop photography in the North. The night will see a trio of talented speakers, talking about how they make it work in Photography. Photographers from across Sheffield will take to the intimate venue of Hagglers Corner for an informal night to celebrate Lens Think’s first year. 

|| Al Brydon || 

 || Al is a UK based photographer and co-founder of the Inside the Outside collective.He currently resides in South Yorkshire, on the edge of the Peak District. This relatively recent move back to his home triggered connections with the landscape in ways he never realised were possible. The landscape and the long departed people who lived and worked within it sing songs. He's trying to learn to listen. || 

|| Darren O’Brien || 

|| Darren is a Sheffield based Documentary photographer and photojournalist currently working for Guzelian Photo agency. His work regularly appears in the national press including the guardian, the times and the daily Telegraph.  Darren has exhibited across the UK and his project "Anywhere But Home" was published as a book by Brown Owl Press.  ||

|| Chelsea Abbot.  || 

|| Chelsea is a recent graduate of  Sheffield Hallam university where she won the Best in Show award for her work.  || 

Alongside the talks will be a festive print swap and the chance to meet talent from across the region. 

 – and you’re invited to come and take a look.