February 2011

Emerging from the Cave

February 25, 2011 by Jan Haskins   Comments (0)

Whilst I appreciate and enjoy three out of the four seasons in Britain, I do have a bit of an ongoing issue with Winter! Add sub-zero temperatures to a lack of daylight and I feel an overwhelmingly primitive urge to (a) migrate, (b) hibernate. Since migration wasn’t an option this year, I’ve pretty much adopted a squirrel-like lifestyle, i.e., stock the larder, hole up somewhere warm, and only emerge on days when the temperature rises above zero. The unfortunate rider to this is that we need to go to work regardless (if I ruled the world we would only have to work in Spring and Autumn). Consequently, it seems like an age since my last blog … possibly because it has been! However, although I haven’t done another photoshoot, the time hasn’t been entirely wasted. As you can see from the new galleries, I’ve been experimenting with square format, layers, textures, colour and pattern. The initial photographs have now moved through several processes and transformations to end up as abstract patterns which reflect my deep interest in pattern and design.


The thing I really love about studio practice is the variety of opportunity and experience it brings. When I looked at the initial photographs from this shoot, I certainly didn’t have this particular outcome in mind. The patterns are by no means the finished article, but now I have some idea of how the project might progress from here.