Receiving Advice - Artist Talks

March 22, 2018 by Hollie Burge   Comments (0)

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For the Fine Art BA(hons) at UCLan, we have an Employability Skills Module for the third year students which includes artist talks…

 The current AA2A artists at UCLan were invited to participate and give us an insight into their knowledge as practicing artists, as well as a talk about their own practices. The participating artists included:


Fiona Candy

Rika Jones

Benedict Rutherford

Alexander de Vol

Shelley Burgoyne


 Learning more about the artists’ practices was very interesting, especially seeing the diversity of each artist’s methods, matched up with the images of the works seen here on the AA2A website. It was amazing to hear the themes and tones of the works in more detail to gain a greater understanding of each of the participating artists.

 Another segment of the talks, which was especially relevant for new and emerging artists such as myself and fellow students, are the different pathways available to take post-graduation. This invaluable information included opportunities such as commission and collaborative works, residencies and studio rates, to setting up a studio and working in a parallel industry such as design or fashion. Gaining knowledge of the ‘real world’ of art, and the internal workings of a large industry makes the steps from graduation to practicing artist seem much less daunting.

 In the end, each artist, both established and emerging will find a different pathway which suits themselves, non of which are neither right or wrong. Nevertheless, it is reassuring to receive talks from the artists and know that amazing opportunities are there waiting for everyone who wants to take them.