Trying to keep up..

May 26, 2011 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (0)

Havent posted for ages, didnt realise how much time had gone by then avoided it because i felt bad for being rubbish!

Everythings pretty much coming together, had a few problems with computers so a few delays but its given me some time to reflect and I think I have eveythingready to shoot my final piece. I feel like it should have been finished now but Ill have it ready for the exhibition and I have some other work so Ive definately done something!

As usual its not ending up how I thought it would so Im going to produce a sort of timeline of the project/ idea and how its changed to put up at college to try and show how its ok that things change and thats projects rarely have a linear format.

Decisions Decisions

May 3, 2011 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (0)

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I feel like I should be making solid decisions about my work, the final pieces, have some resolutions etc as the time is coming to an end but I kind of feel Im only just starting... Im conflicted because I feel like that suggests I havent put enough time in at college but I dont think thats the case, Ive been in most weeks and have really benefited from the facilities/ support/ community/ time to research and consider. I know I keep going on about it but Ive really struggled with the technical aspects and to remedy this I have to switch between two different computers at home (mac and pc) to make any progress which is very time consuming and not very portable which I think is why Im concerned about spending too much time at home working.

Anyway. Im working on my image pairings. the basic idea is that the picture shifts between two images as your perspective on the image physically changes, as mentioned like kids gimmicky traidng cards/ lunchboxes/ dvd boxes these days. Ive made some new images in the studio but have moved onto the idea of pairing up some of my older images in a kind of recontextualiseing thing. I dont have much experience in this but feels really interesting at the mo so im going to persue it. Im trying to get away from crude pairing eg angel to devil just as an example of extreme contrasts and looking at open landscapes to drop small idiosyncrasies/ splashes of colour to make the viewer look again and reexamine a familiar space. Even though im keeping sketchbooks i get quite confused as to what Im doing at what time and how to progress and end up going in circles but after a few more experiments with the process Ill have a better idea of what works visual and to get my ideas across.

I thought I would gain confidence as a result of being selected for this scheme but because Im trying something totally new to me that i dont know will evn suceed I think im struggling a bit as i want to have something really good to show for my time here but it could all end up being nothing like i was aiming for. oh well, without sounding unbelievable cheesy i guess thats the risk you take.

Working Hard (but not at college! Oops!)

February 4, 2011 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (1)

Over Christmas and the dark depths of January I have been doing a lot of reading- interviews with other artists, monographs, art history in a bid to feel more informed about what Im doing. My aim is to make subtely moving images that are intriguing as well as insightful but I feel I always come back to the same themes- the unknown, 'tricks' of the light, being alone. I want to develop my work as far as possible but I always come back to my initial thoughts. I think this is because I havent fully made all the work yet I just think about it and sketch it so its still not fully resolved. From my reading Ive been surprised how much everyday life is a source of inspiration for others- how we interact, work, eat etc and I really like it. Sometimes I think these thoughts I have are too mundane to translate into artworks but I love all the tiny insights I get from other peoples work, just knowing how other people think is inspiring and interesting to me as art as it makes me feel like were all in this together, one of the big aspects of art I really love.  In writing this it has helped me decide to put my only silly little fears out there in my work, like when im in bed I dont like it if my feet arent covered in case they are eaten by a monster (Im 28) or how the loft hatch in my hallway that is slightly ajar is definately home to ghosts (which I dont beleive in) or if I look out the window into my own small garden Im always suprised there isnt someone staring back. Even though Im not very good at updating it regularly I like doing this blog, it helps me work stuff out in my head which is usually very jumbled with what Im doing, what I think I should be doing, what I want to do that Ive seen other people doing because theirs tends to look more interesting and pretty and insightful than mine and what I dare to do without looking like a total freak. Ta

Back to the title of this post briefly, I couldnt decide what software to use so ive been going round in circles doing bits and bobs b ut always going back to my initial thoughts, I need to start experimenting loads more in the studio- i promise to use the rest of my time wisely!!

Work In Progress

December 21, 2010 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (0)

Happy almost Christmas! So I know this is kind of the opposite of a blog but heres a load of pictures, work in progress etc. I keep meaning to write a bit everyday but then I dont so sorry about that! Ive been working on making lenticular images but to be honest Ive been having troule getting to grips with the software, I cant decide whether to keep trying or to buy a program that will do it for me then I cant decide which program so Im gonna take a little break over Christmas then get it sorted. In the emantime Ive been experimenting with content, thinking how I want to express my idea and how to make them look beautiful so Ive been doing a lot of blurred abstract stuff. I didnt know what I would end up with so Im really pleased with the results.

Ona different side I was asked to do a talk in the big lecture theatre at College and for a group of BTEC students. I was really nervous- what to say, would anyone come, why is my opinion valid but in the end I think its just nice to hear from someone in the same boat so I hope they at least werent totally bored! It also helped me a lot and gave me confidence to keep doing what Im doing which I think is one of the good aspects of this scheme I hadnt really considered, even just having to talk about and define my work has made me think more deeply about it and where I want to go with it thanks aa2a.

My albums a bit random, pics from college, sketch images and results from the studio..

research and development

December 1, 2010 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (0)

going back to basics at the moment.. Ive had these ideas for my bump series for a while but Im concerned Im being too literal in my thinking. Ive had ideas in myhead of how I want the finished images to look but while theres no right or wrong answers I dont think this is the bestway to approach making work. Im really enjoying having the freedom to do whatever I want but Im finding it hard to work in a methodical manner, I have bits of paper stuck everywhere except my sketchbook and keep going off on tangents.. Like this blog- should I be discussing the ins and outs of the contents of my work, be thinking more about the process and my workflow or just spurting whatever words come into my head?


Im going to do more research into G.A. Bois Clair who is the first documented creator of lenticular prints to learn more about how the process was intended to affect the reading of the image and think more about what Im trying to say rather than what I want the viewer to take from the work as the more I look at other practitioners work the more it hits home that the viewer will think whatever they want regardless of my intentions so I think I neeed to have a deeper understanding of what my intentions actually are.

loving technology

November 25, 2010 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (0)

so my first shoot went well, I cant really upload any images due the nature of my work- not that its top secret or anything I just mean to make these lenticular images I have to put together 9 images then use a crazy algorythm to make the image so the individual shots are pretty boring and technical for now but hopefully that will change soon, Im looking to go a lot more abstract but I have to be quite literal with my starting points so I can get used to the process. Im trying to put them together now but its not quite as straight forward as I thought so I might spend some of my money on software to do it for me while Ive got the resources so I can focus on the content rather than slaving away on photoshop!

Day One- Back in the Studio

November 19, 2010 by Hannah Rogerson   Comments (1)

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Well, this is my first day in the studio and Im very happy. Im not really sure about much at the moment, I sort of know the kind of images I want to make and I kind of know how to do it so hopefully it will work! This blog will probably be a bit sketchy, Im not sure how honest I should be really because I, like many others I guess get the feeling Im going to be found out at any moment and everyone is going to realise Im not naturally gifted or inspired, I just like making pictures, sometimes I know what I want to say and what I they mean and sometimes I dont.

My current aims are to make lenticular images, the type that look like theyre moving depending in the angle they are viewed at based on notions of fear and isolation. Im concerned the process will come across as gimmicky but I wanted to make full use of the studios and equipment available, this is something Ive been thinking about for a while and theres no way I could recreate the set up at home so I think Im just going to go for it, develop the idea as much as possible and see what happens.