I intend to use this unique opportunity as artist-in-residence to build a body of prints, using both Intaglio and monoprinting techniques that utilise the information I gather about the college environment. Through visits to different departments, my reference material will include photos and studies of the college buildings and the workings of the building. It would be my aim to convey the diverse nature of the study environment and to compose the finished works into a show

Artists in Residence show

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Yesterday was all about putting together the work that has taken 6 months for me to produce, I found a moment yesterday to write a brief blog on it, then looking again at it I felt that it did not do justice to all the effort that has gone into the show. So yesterday to recap was a flurry of running in and out of the Dome armed with blu tack, double sided tape, last minute text boards to accompany my works.

Yesterday's blog involved regularly glancing up at the clock struggling to eat something, do hair, change shoes, feed cat etc etc, this is the norm for me and I'm sure many other artists on their pv nights. The work is what dominates my mind, it's both satisfying to have completed a long project and exhausting remembering all those tiny details! 

The staff at the college were great in helping to pull the show together with us, a big thank you to Sharlaine Fincham and Jeremy Asquith, also to Craig Titley and Nathan Sissons for all their help! Brilliant team at Chesterfield College.

Great show last night and it's on til the 25th...


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After a bit of a break from blog entries, time to catch up. Splitting my time between my painting studio and getting into the college to complete the residency work has at times felt like spinning plates of late. No complaints though, as having a lot of projects on the go at one time is pretty standard for most artists and I always enjoy a challenge!

To recap on the printmaking work, Ive begun etching a large plate of the sawn-off tree outside the building that keeps catching my eye. I found that there wasn't a large enough acid tray in the print room for it to fit into, managed to get one (thanks Nathan for sorting that out). So last Monday I gave my hard grounded plate a dip, it was a very fresh mix of copper sulphate solution, it reacted fast giving off some smoke (exciting) and a fast bitten plate resulted, I'm mulling it over now and plan to get a proof printed of that one next Monday, will post more soon on that.

Meanwhile, more monoprints and woodcuts coming along well, should have some photos of finished prints to post next month in time for the show.

Stay tuned.



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A new year has brought with it a lot of new ideas and the body of work Im building is starting to take shape. I now have a few strands of projects that I'm following, the drypoints being one that is ongoing, as are the monoprint acetate works both projects are referencing the students portraits (thank you to all the A level students in Judy Hawdon's group for volunteering to let me use photos of them for this project)

A new medium that Im using for this next stage in the work is woodcutting, something that Ive not worked with since I was a student. Yesterday was my first day back at the college after the break, the day was spent sourcing all the materials that I'll be needing for this, I've acquanted myself with the woodworking department and Dave very kindly cut me up some plywood offcuts. Today I began to make the cuts on the surface of the plywood plate, Im looking forward to seeing where this goes. I'll be printing again next week, more pictures of this will follow soon.

Wrapping things up for holidays

December 16, 2011 by Georgia Peskett   Comments (0)

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Catching up with how the residency has been coming along so far as we approach this break in term next week.

There has been some adjusting myself into the working print studio over the past few weeks as I'm finding out more about how the whole facility works on the day-to-day level.

Gathering materials for the projects I'm now more certain about pursuing, I managed on Monday to pick up a 10 metre roll of Fabriano paper for my monoprinting from Turners art suppliers. I'm  monoprinting from sheets of acetate, more images of those will follow as they develop and that process seems to be leading me to other new ideas..

It's great to now see the completion of a few of my own experiments with both monotype yesterday and drypoints over the past 3 weeks. I've always felt asthough the process of printmaking is very similar to science experimentation, so much of it is an ongoing exploration of materials, staying with that process can often produce great results when it works out.

Also completing in time for the winter break the drypoint workshop project with the A level students on their own finished prints. They've produced a good selection of varied self-portraits inspired by some of the artists they'd been looking at including the etchings of Lucian Freud, Chuck Close and the portrait studies of Marlene Dumas along with many others for their inspiration.

I'll be continuing with my ongoing portraits of them using their photo portraits I have for reference.

Inky hands

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Today's project was all about ink, in my opinion this felt like a good starting point for a post in the print room.

After a quick pencil sketch the other day of a large tub of black Indian ink. Using photographs of the ink tub (plus reversed version) I got started on monoprinting using this as my reference,  black printing ink works much better than artists oils that oozed out over the edge of the acetate sheet, (paint too thick).

After a break midday to do my artists presentation (thanks Stephen, Phil, Sharlaine and Jeremy for making it all run smoothly with the powerpoint presentation, a first for me) it was straight back into the printing to get some results and some equipment training. Nathan demonstrated the big machine by the door (must find out it's proper name), which is quite vigorous and requires control! back for more training on that one next week..

Conclusion for today. Having inky hands and nails are well worth 1 decent print you're happy with, even if it doesnt look hygienic,

will add more pics of these prints here soon.


Absorbing surroundings

November 14, 2011 by Georgia Peskett   Comments (0)

The past two weeks has been about absorbing new subject matter for my project, I'm now saturated with new ideas, which is always good, next comes the filtration process, making selections and sifting out the better material to work with.

Shown where my main workstation will be in the print room last thursday, this next week will be about getting myself installed. selecting and preparing first images to work with in the print studio.

note to self: some sort of right-angle mirror device required for working on inverted images..

week 1

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This is the first week of my post as artist in residence at Chesterfield college, you may spot me in and around the college with my camera,.