AA2A: News!

December 15, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A artists and student reps,

A few bits of our latest news:

Hope you noticed our new 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' buttons on Dotbiz (also on our info website aa2a.org) please take a look, and if you'd like to 'follow' us on 'Twitter' and 'like' us on Dotbiz to show your support you'll receive the latest news.

As the colleges break up for the holidays - we hope you'll use Dotbiz to stay in touch with the other artists, providing your own support group.  If you haven't used the site much yet or you'd like to do some catch-up blogs/albums it could be a great way to keep momentum up, take stock of what you've done, check out what other artists are up to....etc.  And if you're getting to grips with how the site works remember there's lots of advice in my 'Help blogs'

We'll have some exciting announcements in the year - so watch this space!

Best wishes