November 2011

AA2A: Introduction, thanks, help & pic of the week!

November 3, 2011 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists 2011/12!

I'll start by properly introducing myself, I'm the AA2A national coordinator and I work part-time on the project with Wendy Mason (AA2A national director) and Jim Pledger (AA2A administrator). I'm also a practising artist, based in London, I work mostly in sculpture, performance and film.

Well that's enough about me, now you! It is an absolute pleasure to manage this website and see day to day the new image albums and blogs you're putting up.  Thank you if you've already started sharing your work, and if you haven't yet we look forward to seeing your work soon.  If you're already in college do let people know they can see your work on this site.  Also if you put work up  onto the site you're in with a chance of being our 'Pic of the Week' on the AA2A Twitter and Facebook pages (our weekly posts showcasing work from the AA2A Dotbiz networking site).  We have to tell you we've been absolutely spoilt for choice!  Have a look at this week's:
AA2A Twitter     AA2A Facebook

If you have any trouble with image albums, have a read through Wendy's help blog:   Wendy's image album help blog  If you're still having trouble just email/message us.

More about voting soon but if you'd like to see the winning AA2A artists of last year (as voted for by students/public) they now each have a feature on our other website:  Artists Features

Best wishes

Email:  georgia@aa2a.biz