November 2010

AA2A: 1st Student reps on site & help uploading images

November 17, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Dotbiz users,

I'd like to welcome the first AA2A student reps onto the site! There will be more but so far there are reps at Liverpool, Lancashire, UCA and Manchester -congratulations to those students, and thanks to those who spread the word about us looking for AA2A student reps. If your college has not selected a rep do mention the opportunity to students.

On that note we'd like to encourage you to become 'friends' with reps, your fellow artists and your college through the site.

Help uploading image albums

There's been a fantastic amount of activity this week - thankyou for the time you've put in, if you had trouble with image albums - here's some instructions, we're also working on a screenshot guide we will upload as an image album next week..

Create an image album

1. Select ‘Create new album’ from side menu:

2.  ‘Add image album’, enter a Title, Description and Tags.  You can also edit ‘access’ – to control who can see the album.

3.  ‘Save’ and you’ve now created the folder that the images will go in.

4.  Add images to album, ‘browse’ and select the images you want  (must be under 1mb and a .jpg .png .gif) select the image/s ‘upload’ and when you’ve finished - ‘save’

5.  Edit image properties - add individual title, caption, tags - Also you need to make one image the image album cover, finally ‘save’


To make changes to an existing album

1. Go to 'Your image albums'

2. click on the album

3.  You can then choose to ‘add images to album’, ‘edit album’ or ‘delete album’


Hope that helps,

Best wishes,



AA2A: Latest activity & help

November 10, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists

Another week of fantastic blogs and albums on the site. It's great having this introduction to you all - especially as we are preparing to welcome the first AA2A student reps on to the site - more info next week!

You should have received the AA2A Artists newsletter by email this week - if you haven't please let me know.

Latest activity

As you'll have probably noticed each album or blog appears as the latest activity on the Home page, so if you are posting more than once a day, could you try to combine images or text into a single blog/album.  This will give everyone a chance to appear on the latest activity which has a very quick turnover at this time of year.  Understandably sometimes it won't be appropriate (eg. if there are already a lot of images or they are different bodies of work), but it is helpful whilst so many of you are putting up your back catalogue.

Best wishes


AA2A National Administrator