September 2010

AA2A: Thanks and help reminder

October 20, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists,

We're so impressed by your flying start on the site - it's great to see so many blogs, images and faces appearing as more of you log in and get started... this is what makes the scheme real for us on a national scale!  

Just a quick reminder that if you get stuck with anything on the site, you may find my help blogs useful (last weeks was about uploading images) click on my icon to get to my blogs or search 'help' in the search bar.  One really useful thing to bear in mind is that many parts of the site work like a news feed - so the last thing you put in will appear at the top, for example on the 'influences' box on your profile page you need to list them in the reverse order to how you want them to appear.

If you can't find the help you need on site feel free to message me or email  georgia@aa2a.biz

Best wishes




Help & Troubleshooting: uploading images

October 4, 2010 by AA2A Georgia Rodger   Comments (0)

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Hi AA2A Artists and welcome!

Firstly I'll introduce myself - I'm the AA2A national administrator, working with Wendy Mason part-time (approx. 2 days a week) and part of my role is managing the AA2A dotbiz artists network.  It has been fantastic seeing you active on the site already writing blogs, so we're keen to help you upload images and fill the home page with your work...

Below you will find help about how to create an image album, make changes to an existing album, add images into blogs and a bit of troubleshooting right at the end.  Please get in touch if you are having problems and nothing in the blog has helped, either send me a message or email   georgia@aa2a.biz


Create an image album

1. Select ‘Create new album’ from side menu:

2.  ‘Add image album’, enter a Title, Description and Tags.  You can also edit ‘access’ – to control who can see the album.

3.  ‘Save’ and you’ve now created the folder that the images will go in.

4.  Add images to album, ‘browse’ and select the images you want  (must be under 1mb and a .jpg .png .gif) select the image/s ‘upload’ and when you’ve finished - ‘save’

5.  Edit image properties - add individual title, caption, tags - Also you need to make one image the image album cover, finally ‘save’

To make changes to an existing album

1. Go to 'Your image albums'

2. click on the album

3.  You can then choose to ‘add images to album’, ‘edit album’ or ‘delete album’

Images in Blogs (advanced/optional info)

Some previous artists have wanted to know how to put images in blogs:

To do this you need an have a URL for image (this could be from another website if you have one or flickr, or similar site) or You can do it using an image in an image album on dotbiz.  (As this is quite a complicated way to get round it if you have more than one image to put up I'd advise you to create an image album instead.  You can include text in an image album too and it would also mean you had an image shown on the front of the site in latest activity, rather than just the blog title.)  But if you do want to do it - here's how:

1. On dotbiz - image saved in an album (which you can save as private, if you want to use it purely to get a URL)

2. Image size under 1mb and saved as 'filename.jpg'

3. open the album selected the image and right clicked on it to 'copy image location' 
4. In 'write a blog post' click on picture symbol (tree), paste to enter the URL into 'Image URL' the dimensions should come up automatically, 

5. 'insert'


album appears with ‘no images’ message although when you click on it the images are there – it says 'no images' because there's no image selected for the image album cover - to change this:

1.Go to 'Your image albums'

2. click on the album

3. click on the image you want as the image album cover

4. 'Edit image' on the left hand side menu

5. select 'Make image album cover?'  and finally 'save'

To make sure it doesn't happen next time you are creating a new album or adding images to an existing album:

After you have gone through the file upload (where you browse and choose the images you want) 

'Edit image properties'

'Make image album cover?' 

By default the first image will be selected as the cover - leave it checked if you are happy with this -  If you want to change it select one of the other images but make sure you have an image selected.

- Images are not shown in the order I put them in

This is an issue with the software that powers the site – our web manager is aware of it but there isn’t a fix for it yet. You may also notice that sometimes tags are shown in an unexpected order.  We hope that this won’t be a problem for you, let us know if you notice anything strange – either send me a message or email georgia@aa2a.biz

Hope this is helpful and I look forward to meeting you on AA2A.biz
Best wishes,

AA2A National Administrator