More Cooks

May 1, 2012 by Deborah Bower   Comments (0)

Editing is taking up my time these past few months, working with Mat Fleming and Harriet Plewis on our Christiania residency film - More Cooks. Editing as three people is really interesting, a lot more discussion around every cut and idea. We show the film as preview on Thursday at the Star and Shadow Cinema, to friends and to people who helped support the film, before it starts its journey to other screens. 

Lux have very featured us in their blog describing the projects and the ideas we are working with further here, please do have a little look: 




Waiting to press play

March 1, 2012 by Deborah Bower   Comments (1)

The anticipation, waiting for film to return from the lab kills me. Many anxious nights lying in bed wondering whether I remembered to clean the gate properly, read the light correctly, whether the framing was good...  One technician told me when I started using film to arm yourself with Paranoia, Paranoia and Paranoia. Perhaps not the best way to enjoy your work.

The film arrives. You have the moment before you which will either erase or confirm your worst fears. The sheer thrill of a good return is unbeatable, but the dull blow of an average chunk of film stays with you longer somehow. 

Whilst on residency in Christiania we sent off 10 reels of film in 3 batches, the first lot that came back was fine, the second was a little disappointing. So it all came down to the final batch that got sent through to us the other week. We pressed play and and breathed happy sighs of relief.

I attach an album of stills. Images are from passing the camera through the audience at the incredible Byens Lys Cinema in Christiania, as well as drinking coffee on a cold outdoor terrace with passers by.

We - myself, Mat and Harriet - begin to edit the film next week. There is 2 hours of footage and many hours of recorded conversations. I suspect there will be many more conversations ahead of us, but it's totally thrilling thinking of piecing all these images and sounds together. 




Free town Christiania

January 19, 2012 by Deborah Bower   Comments (1)

For January I have been residing in a little cosy hut with Mat Fleming and Harriet Plewis in Christiania, Copenhagen. We are here in January as Researchers in Residence (www.crir.net), here to learn about this unique place and its processes and to make a film that reflects this, or reflects us here.

Christiania is so incredible in its concept, and perhaps so overwhelming in its projected image that it is difficult to think about how to represent this experience on film. I say incredible in its concept, but really I don't think it should be anything incredible at all, what is incredible is that there aren't a thousand over 'Christianias' all over the world.

As a place its inspires me by its continued existance, yet disheartens me by the immense presence of the political resistance to it.

This small self goverened part of Copenhagen, home to 900 or so folk, is full of brave ideas and problems and I know that we are only able to understand the very surface of them as of yet. Currently it is a place in transition - a period of normalisation enforced by the government.

We three are talking together a great deal everyday, through all these ideas that come to us through the place and how best to present them, what to make of them. We meet our neghbours, we have discussions with them that help inform us, help add to the pool of people discussing and critiquing the ideas. We shoot during daylight hours.

We hope that we can make something that works, we had no prepared idea, just the idea that we would decide collectively between us what we would shoot the next day through discussions every evening. We are working with the title so far of 'More Soup, More Broth'.