#DVAFACETS - talks by Adrian and Sue

November 27, 2014 by Coventry University   Comments (0)

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Inspiring talks by Adrian Baynes and Sue Swain today as part of our students' #DVAFACETS series

You can tell our students were impressed when you hear 'fantastic' in a whisper as the artists show their work...!

Looking forward to Kumyoung Kwon and Amy Lunn's talks early next year!


Our first AA2A introductory meeting for 2013/14

December 10, 2013 by Coventry University   Comments (0)

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Today we held our first AA2A meeting where the artists met our two AA2A student reps. Our artists discussed their current projects and how they are using the scheme to keep up their practice. Two out of the four artists were unable to attend and so we he hope to cover ground in our next meeting. We have decided to meet on a monthly basis to keep ourselves up to date on any project developments and opportunties for students. This will then provide a forum for artists to provide us with any feedback.

We discussed ways in which we could engage students and encourage them to attend our artists' AA2A talks which we are hoping to arrange within the first two weeks of second term.

We also discussed ways in which artists could involve students by organising studio visits and off site projects.  We have also agreed that using our student portal, Moodle, would be the best way to get messages out to students. We would also like to incorporate our facebook and twitter accounts, but recognise that these should not be used exclusively. We also have a featured article about AA2A on our website:


Student reps were also informed of the importance of blogging and sharing best practice with others, making the most of their position as an AA2A student rep for Coventry University. Not only are they given the chance to network with other artists and student reps via the dotbiz networking site, but they also get to think reflectively about their work and how they can take advantage of the AA2A scheme. This is a great opportunity for students and one which we hope to promote to others.

Reps and artists seemed keen and excited to work together - so far so good!