Test shots of second intervention work

December 12, 2010 by Catherine Harrison   Comments (0)

I've been looking further into the idea of intervention. I decided to keep with the theme of light (as with the tunnels ) but change from candles to electric. Looking at the spanish art group Luzinteruptus I was highly influenced by their use of single LED lights. I wanted to change the location as well, bringing it into a city rather than the natural environment. I am interested in the derelict areas of liverpool, those that are over looked now 'Liverpool one' is in place. I want to catch the attention of people returning to their cars after shopping, walking home from work/college or on there way to the shopping central.

I want it to be transformational, positive, change someone's journey and create a meeting/social place where there is not. 

Here are the first test shots. I intend to take the piece to the outskirts of Liverpool City center. 


Intervention 2 - Test Shots