March 2011

March 14, 2011 by Annabeth Orton   Comments (0)

Following the assessments for the end of Stage 2 of the MA in 3D Design (and the subsequent flurry of activity as I began to put the feedback into action), it was finally possible to meet one of the AA2A artists currently resident at MMU. Along with my colleague Maria Mylona, I met with Artist Melanie Alexandrou last Wednesday. We had quite a lengthy chat about our respective practices and the possibility for some potential collaborations. I was especially interested in Melanie's involvement in mail art and wondered if I could relate my current This Belongs To project to any similarly involved networks in order to better promote the project. I hope to meet with Melanie again in the near future and will aim to participate in the mail art soon!

In other areas, I updated my own blog todat with various developments... You can see the post here...