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i'm pleased to be back on the aa2a dot biz site and looking forward to the next few months. tomorrow i'm booked onto an open day at the level centre in derbsyshire, not only to look around but also to discuss a residency opportunity.

i've already applied for the residency and due to poor numbers and my proposal not quite being strong enough, the process to select an artist continues. 

since receiving the outcome email i've started the process to become a forest school leader.  it's a level 3 qualification.  what i didn't expect was how the forest school aspect of my practice would influence my art practice.  

for example, the residency proposal was ok but incomplete.  after the week initial training i can see now what to add to the residency idea and also what intellectual rigour under pins the idea.

slightly optimistic and inspired, i'm here today on this blog to refresh my profile.  

walking in the warmth

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five months on from the end of the residency and i've popped back to tweak the words that reside here.  in those five months i have continued to progress and have continued to produce work.  my plan is to leave this place for a while and continue along the path that became apparent during the residency.

i still find it difficult to write about my inner worldly thoughts as i want to make them actual before writing about them.

i'm considering space a lot recently. i have an idea for new work that leads on from the research acheived on the residency. the new work will benefit from the work done here.  

i also have this experiment going on:



recently to the time of writing,  i have realised that i am not athur pita, cannot be him and do not have his connections and as such have left myself the space to be me, to make what i want to and be happy in that pursuit.


i continue to walk in the warmth.


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from an end becomes a beginning.

i'm sure that's a quote and it would be a little unfair to attribute it as so many have said it to me.  however i will say thank you to alison for being the latest to say it to me in our last aa2a session.  in preparing for that session, i rather went through a lot as suddenly there was a need to contemplate something 'to show' for what i've been doing.  i feel this is a social convention that i applied to myself, instead of it being integral to the aa2a process that i embarked on.

so i've reflected upon this.  i put myself through a tough process of 'making something' as it was too easy and unfulfilling to do nothing to mark the end of a period of time.  in that period of time i was quite literally free to play.  this has been a very valuable experience as i see now that in my professional career to date i have never been able to play and explore with no outcome preprescribed by the process about to happen.

last week i freaked out rather, describing the whole thing as a succesful failure.  it's not a failure as i am informed by what i've been through and in a position to consider a further line of study that i was not considering at the beginning of the residency.

as a result of the residency i have alot of 'made things' that i can take with me into the next phase of development of a work that is still in development.  

as i am reflecting and finishing i would like to take a moment to thank the staff and artists involved in this process.  susan, thank you for your support and and insight.  robert, thank you for our conversations and space to play.  alison, thank you for your insight, bredth of knowledge and for listening.  claire, my best wishes for the nottingham project and i look forward to reading about your future endeavours.  lorenza, thank you for the opportunity to share and discuss about your work and all the debate that it brought about.  madelaine, thank you for listening and debating and i look forward to seeing the results of your playtime.

it's taken me a while to process about this experience. it's been about getting somewhere that is beyond this point and this point serves as a marker to that point.

i feel centred and at peace with myself.

play,play,play all day

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i met with the other artists yesterday for the last time under the umbrella of aa2a 2011/2012.  in our group discussions there was again much heated debate and conversation, that we all really enjoyed.

i've certainly enjoyed the time and space to play on aa2a.  


my play has given me these:



nearing cessation

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i've filled in my questionaire and emailed my word document.  i've posted two audio files to soundcloud.  it's a kin to packing for a holiday.

in the last 24 hours i've been through quite a large swing of feelings about what i've been through on this residency.  for a start it's been for me and me alone.  i've done what i wanted to when i wanted to and ultimately almost became very disappointed that i have nothing to show for it.  

however i see now that the process was what i have to show for it.  i have had a pic of the week, an image selected for the homepage of the sister website and experience of nottingham trent university.

i've assessed the sonics work that i set out to do and know now that the method i selected is not one i can take forward with me.  i'm aware that in doing this residency it actually has affirmed for me what the snee snaw is.

i'd like to round off the scheme with one last post with the sonics files in.  i'll not do that today.

i've learnt about myself, about art education at ma level and where i sit relative to forma art language.  even though right now it doesn't feel good, i know that my time on this scheme will be good once i am away from it and doing stuff as a result of going through the scheme.

i recomend this scheme to anyone needing time and space to find out abit themselves and the cultural horizon currently in focus.

a point to failure

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i'm working with the pieces of video gathered and made that might stand as an outcome for this residency and it occurs to me that for a while i might have been allowing the outcome to be some point about there being no harm in having a failure and leaving it at that.

however there's personal pride at stake here.  the question to self then becomes why didn't you do anything to turn it around?  it maybe doesn't matter that something didn't go to plan or expected.  it might matter however not to do anything about that.  if i do nothing, there will always be that niggle of why didn't i do something to fix it.  

comes to the pont of whom am i fixing it for.  there's no marketed audience expecting to experience it, there's no funders waiting on an outcome, there's no assesment waiting for a hand in.  all there is is where i began.  what did i set out to do.

 for the new work i want to use sounds generated in real time, in direct response to the movement of the play equipment.

this is what i stated.  i chose to do this using a workstation allowing manipulation of formal musical sounds.  i've attempted to make this work for some time now.  i think i might just have to concede that manipulation of formal musical sounds does not give me the excitement and fun that i got when the snee snaw moved.  i began doing something in reponse to a technical question, could i do it? answer now is yes, however i find it quite boring. technically prophiciant but boring.

so where does that leave me?

having to admit that i have acheived a piece of research that proves a point.

having achieved a piece of research that underpins something i'm yet to do.

learning that sometimes what i set out to do can have a poor result, and that's actually ok. it's ok to fail sometimes, and you know what, it's been a long time since i've been in a position to be able to do that.

i'm enjoying working out some of this here, being able to share it, leave it as a legacy of where i've been and what i've done.


successful failure ?

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i've been considering: what if my residency is a succesful failure?

i've been thinking this as as yet i am unable to resolve what i began in a manner in which i feel happy about it.  so does there need to be a resolution?  the great thing abut the aa2a scheme is that actually there doesn't need to be one.  if anyone is interested i can talk to them about what it's been like and what it now feels like.

the easy option is to walk away with the resolution unfound.  the more challenging option is to try and find a resolution whith which i am happy.

i still have a few more days before our final meeting.  i still have time to put into attempting to find a resolution.

is open ness always a good thing.

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as i near the end of the aa2a time i'm moving my research outdoors to endeavour to realise some sort of outcome.

i've attempted to add the image here in this post but i can't work out how to do it.  

my feelings about the finl outcome are mixed as i am developing a love hate relationship with the research path.  i'm thinking that the outcome once finished will speak of my time on aa2a.

onward, despite some underlying unhappiness connected/ associated with what i'm doing.

searching for an act of completion

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being on the aa2a scheme has given me the time and space to research something that was of interest following my snee snaw project.  i've come a long way with the research and at times i have found it hard not to be hard on myself for not being that far on, even though i've done so much work.  i might be disappointed in myself, i might be disappointed in something else.

ok.  having done the "wow is me" drama queen type activity i can get beck to the practical nature of wanting to work to a conclusion.  as the weather is improving i am going to take my research once again outdoors to use two actual swings with the work i've done in the studio.  my intention is to make a small film to punctuate the point of the completion of the aa2a scheme.

when i set out on the path of the research i was setting out on an enquiry into wether or not i could do something, based on a response to my previous work.  the challenge has proven to be larger than i had anticipated and i have been very close to walking away from it all on several occasions.  walking away is easy and if i did walk away it would be a larger failure than if i made something that i didn't like that much.  i have to admit to at times not liking what it is that i'm making.  the good thing about not liking it, once i've realised i don;t like it, is that i can work to resolve the unlikeness to turn it around to become something i do like.  that almost feels like an advice thing waiting to happen.

reflection, groove salad and redecoration

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my residency at ntu has taken me deep into a space that is uncomfortable.  the space i talk of is within me, not the institution.  my sonics research has got to a point where i hate what i've done, to the point of wanting to give it all up and get a job in morrisons.

so i've bought some time to reflect by building a website and offering to re-decorate a friends bedroom.  i feel it's an importnat time for me to be good to myself before returnng to the soncs research to find some sort of resolution of the enquiry.  aa2a has given me way to much rope, it almost became fatal.  i've realised in time.  as i drink tea and dunk digestif biscuit with a near k&d track for company, i saw the need to document where i am now as i want to be able to look back on where i was, even though i still don;t have a feeling for where i'm going.  i have no idea if this is a recognised space inthought to be.  i am also connected with a feeling of what it is that is holding me back.  i see only one way through this and that is to make things about it.  that will happen in time.  there's a two week period now where i can do things for me and look forward to coming back to my practice.

i heard with interest this morning about the bourgeois exhibition at the freud museum in london.  there's also a new work by brisley on show in london at the moment.

i've been considering performace based work of the 1970's of late.  i've not yet worked out why this is so.  


oh the joy of self discovery and reason.