December 2009

Halfway through the scheme

December 30, 2009 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

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This session was the last one before everything stops for Christmas and the New Year. I stop, anyway - I'm worn out by the end of the year. I spent the time finishing the prints with overlapping yellow circles that I had started the time before this.

Three yellow circles

Halfway through I made the paint a little more orangey as it was getting hard to see the three circles on top of one another. For some of the last prints I put the third colour on as an all-over layer, which the eye and brain instantly converted to the background.

All-over third layer

Do let me know if you're worried by how exciting this is getting and I'll try and tone it down.

I hope everyone has had the kind of Christmas they wished for, and very best wishes for the New Year.

Adobe Illustrator withdrawal

December 14, 2009 by Andi Chapple   Comments (0)

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Today I went further into overprinting thin layers of the same bright colour, using a circles-on-circles idea that was one of those I brought to the project at the start. I was tempted to go on with the straight-edged stuff from last time but I have a really strong desire to get some finished stuff out of AA2A and think I'll be more likely to do that if I discipline myself rather than going off on one. I can hear the clock ticking!

I went back to working out compositions before I printed this time. I made myself a sort of mocker-upper out of paper and paint (probably influenced by the collage mock-ups in the Bridget Riley exhibition I went to see in Liverpool the other day):

Paper and paint mocker-upper

I could move things around quickly and make notes about arrangements that seemed to work. This is the way I am used to working on the computer - although this way I was committed to the sizes of circles! That wasn't a problem, though, as I had wanted to have a bit more of a think about the relationship of sizes of things.

I am interested in simple whole-number ratios between things - this is how you get consonant chords in music. For example, in a major third the frequency of the upper note is 5/4 that of the lower note. With the previous work, the diameter of the smaller circle was pretty much the same as the long edge of the paper, and the diameter of the larger circle was 4/3 that of the smaller one, but I'd not thought explicitly about it. In today's prints, I used a circle whose diameter was equal to the width of the paper and one whose diameter was 4/5 of that width.

Overprinted yellow circles on the rack

I think I got some nice results, but they are getting close to the limit of my photographic ability ...

Moving on

December 4, 2009 by Andi Chapple   Comments (2)

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I got the third of the three two-circle compositions printed up this morning:

Distant, 2009 (screenprint, 29.7 x42 cm)

I recut the stencils because I didn't think last week's were quite even enough. I still haven't suficiently recovered from using a computer to enjoy the unevenness of hand-made things ...

Overprinting a colour on itself

It's always nice to change direction, and I enjoyed the afternoon, which I spent exploring very thin colours. I took a small amount of the morning's green paint and mixed it with a lot of the transparent acrylic medium to give a lovely thin and luminous print which gradually took on intensity as you overprinted it. I was just using a straight-edged piece of cellophane as a stencil, moving it about all the time, and everything was still coming out as landscapes ...

I tried grouping the prints to see if something a little larger-scale and ambitious suggested itself. Not yet, but I will keep trying. Next time I want to develop this with (what a surprise) compositions using circles ...

Second-pass overpints lined up