April 24, 2017 by Amanda Wells   Comments (0)

I can't believe that AA2A is almost at an end.  I am making the final touches to my pieces in preparation for the exhibition, we don't have confirmed exhibition dates yet so I want to make sure that I am ready.  Although the journey to Chester is quite far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as an AA2A artist.  Having no set space to work in, sometimes it has been a bit difficult finding a room to work in, but I've always managed to find somewhere to squat and work.  I did a workshop on disability issues with some students and thoroughly enjoyed that, it would have been good to have a bit more student contact.  I would like to commend Rosie Pearsall for her hard work as the student rep, she did a great job.  And many thanks  to Lecturer Paula Johnson for printing off my fabric, it caused endless problems and even set the fire alarm off and the whole building had to be evacuated, oops!  Are we allowed to apply to AA2A again?  If so I would really like another go, I have had a good time and explored my work in ways that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.


Time has passed

February 2, 2017 by Amanda Wells   Comments (0)

'Time has passed, indeed it has overtaken me and gone ahead', to misquote Dickens.  I can't believe we're in February already, the snowdrops are out and spring will soon be here.  I've been developing my idea, the one aspect I'm having trouble with is the chemical tests on the paint.  I tried the chromatography paper but it just soaked up the colour without separating it.  I'm also having trouble finding a chemistry lab to help, I've e-mailed several but had no response, so if anyone out there knows a friendly chemist please put me in touch.  I have got a Plan B developing for that aspect of the work though, if the worst comes to the worst.  The three-part aspect of the work reminded me of Freud's three-part theory of the personality - Id, Ego and Superego.  So I am expressing these through the paintings.  Me and my P.A. had fun looking up the theory - did you know for example that anal types often express their inner desire to handle faeces by doing pottery?  My P.A. is a potter and I'm not averse to a little clay myself so we did laugh.  But some of the theory was enlightening.  The first painting I've done is 'Id', and very Id it is too.  The crimson red colour and the swishiness of the brush are just like a three year old having a tantrum.  I found it quite cathartic to paint, I was emotionally exhausted after.  I will upload a photo.  So it's on to 'Ego' next, which will be yellow.  I plan to be in Chester February 8 and 16 and March 2, I've discovered a spot in Fine Art Studio L1 that I like, so I'll either be in there or in the Resource Centre from about 11.30, students are more than welcome to come and chat.  I have joined the student Artist Society and plan to post on their Facebook page too.   


November 18, 2016 by Amanda Wells   Comments (0)

Well, I have finally figured out that the chromatography idea was to do with identity, having the chromatographs as a kind of DNA profile of the colours and linking this to ideas around disability, identity and culture.  So, much research to be undertaken of articles/key texts about disability, culture and identity, now I have my Uni log on.  I have decided that the work will consist of three elements; the chromatographs printed onto fabric to hang on the wall, and the printed fabric cut up and roughly attached to clothing bought in charity shops, and a triptych painting in the appropriate colour.  The number three kept coming up so I decided I will choose three colours, one each from magenta, cyan and yellow.  This does mean that I can't do purple, my favourite colour, but never mind.  I have a pack of chromatography paper at home so will be eperimenting with different colour paints, and then when I have chosen the colours will get the chromatography done by a proper lab. I plan to be in Chester next Thursday, November 24th, and will be wandering around aimlessly formulating weird ideas in my head.