March 2010

Photographs, Documentation

March 24, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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Yesterday I went to the photography dept. at the main campus - Brampton Road. I got all the stuff i have produced - or selected bits - photographed. It is so good to have a professional photographer in a studio document your work. Good documentation is invaluable. You need it for alsorts of stuff. I get the disc in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Then i hear tell of an exhibition. Great too.  It's not until i get the opportunity, or make the time cos i have to, to look at the work. The process of reflecting and editing, that's really valuable - the way you look at your own work. And then i realised how much stuff i have actually made. How i have experimented. And how grateful in the light of this that i have an extension. Over the easter hols i can reflect some more and see how i want to take this forward.


March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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Sometimes you make work and you are pleased with it. That's it. Sometimes you make work and others like it. That's great. Sometimes, I think, we need that validation. Well this piece has been validated. And had i not been on the AA2A I may never have made it due to the lack of opportunity. This piece is currently, as i write, in the Houses of Parliament, in an exhibition to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act. After this it will be taken into the government collection.

A bit more meat

March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

I was really impressed with this font. I know i have done a few prints on a theme but the font had been lying unloved and untouched just gathering dust.

No Meat on the Bones

March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

I am constantly frustrated by incomplete fonts. In this case no upper case W. I like this embossing due to the total lack of meat.

Meat on the Bones

March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

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I guess that's what this whole experience is about - putting meat on the bones. And i have. Not as much as i would have liked, but i have. I came across this unusual font - chisel - and i rather like it.


March 4, 2010 by Aidan Moesby   Comments (0)

I had been doing fine with the 1 colour screen printing process. I was confident enough to try more than one colour. I had been watching Lydia work very effectively on the screens in multi colours. It was inspiring. Like a one woman production line. No time to talk - screens to do - the ink dries - etc. Good on her for not being distracted and for being sooooo focussed. I could do well for a bit of focussing. 

Printing always takes longer than you think. Oh this'll just be a few minutes, i'll just knock this out...wrong. There's always drying, taping, filing, mixing, developing etc to do and each step takes its' own time. That's partly the charm of printing for me. I like that it's so hands on. So antiquated. it's the perfect antithesis for the digital age. Don't get me wrong i love my digital manipulations - but that's for it's own time and place.

Things i know i have to do are work faster before the ink thinks about drying. Get organised. And if i am screen printing then screen print and don't wander off to the letterpress.  One thing at a time. Enjoy and be IN the process. 

So i did all the registration stuff but what i didn't think about was i make all my paper random sizes so the registration doesn't really work, especially when i move the screens to and alter their positions for each separation. Doh!!!

Overall though, i am happy with the progress i made moving into multi colours. But it's still early early days