February 2017

Memories, fabric and the drawing compulsion

February 14, 2017 by Rebecca Collins   Comments (0)


This week, myself and Jackie Sanderson, in our capacity as AA2A student reps, met up with AA2A artist-in-residence Sadie Christian. Sadie is the third of the artists working at Wolverhampton we have met up with thus far, each one being very different in their practice.

Sadie’s background is in textiles. She completed a degree in textiles at Goldsmiths in the late 1980s and has since her time years teaching and working on art projects. She came to Wolverhampton as she has decided that now is a good time to explore in more depth her fascination in the connection between fabric, memory, drawing and image. Sadie is hoping to spend the year working mostly in print, using fabric and drawing as her inspirations.

We found Sadie busy working in the print room. We were able to sit with her and find out about her practice and look at what she had been working on to date. Most of her work so far has been explorative. She showed us her many delicate drawings inspired by various fabrics and garments in her possession, most of which have some sentimental value to her. There is a delicate beauty to her drawings and a sense of memory and history clearly ran through them. There is a repetitive nature to them, yet also a sense of difference and progression. We also saw some of the prints she has been making.

Drawings inspired by fabric

Sadie has been using the facilities at Wolverhampton to the full and exploring her theme in various ways using different drawing and printing methods, textures and colours. She seems to be an artist who loves the research and investigation phase of an art project or theme. She mentioned a few of her ideas which may be based on interesting printing techniques. However, one of the joys of being able to spend time as an artist-in-residence at an institution such as Wolverhampton is that you are given the freedom to venture in any direction that sparks your interest and spend time delving deep into a topic. There is no pre-determined path to follow. Who knows what the end result may be? It doesn’t matter if you find yourself going off on a tangent and sometimes those tangents lead to something new and exciting.

More drawings inspired by fabric

We look forward to seeing what direction Sadie goes in over the next few months.