January 2016

Jewood Drawing Prize 2015

January 26, 2016 by Rebecca Collins   Comments (0)

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On Sunday I dragged my husband and three boys (persuaded, bribed) to Cheltenham to visit The Wilson which was hosting the Jewood Drawing Prize exhibition. This is a must-see exhibition for me. I've managed to go every year except one for the past four years. I only just managed to get to see it this year as we went on the last day before it moved to Falmouth, which is a little far away from Shrewsbury.

The Jerwood Drawing Competition showcases contemporary drawing. I love this exhibition because it stretches the definition of 'drawing' to all corners. This year was no exception with a huge variety of pieces and subject matter. My favourites included pieces by William Mackrell, Gabriela Schutz, Sue England and Daniel Crawshaw. I loved their work for their quirkiness and playfulness as well as intellegence.

I love drawing. I couldn't imagine not being able to draw. But I love the idea that drawing isn't just putting a pencil to paper. If you get the chance to see this exhibition then I urge you to go. It is only small but very much worth it. One day, I might even enter myself.