Haptic Tacit : Spode works

Yunji Shin 1 year ago
Spode Museum Trust Heritage Centre : BCB (British Ceramics Biennial)
11-09-2021 to 17-10-2021

Haptic/tacit is a collective of artists, makers, and writers that creates opportunities to make, show, and explore ambitious modern craft through a series of thematically-driven exhibitions, events, and publications.

For each iteration each participating member invites someone new to be involved, either working collaboratively, in response to one another, or due to their specific take on the subject. This approach creates an evolving network of makers, encourages dialogue, and maintains a fresh outlook, creating a new dynamic through each distinct endeavour.

This project echoes the group residency haptic/tacit founding members took part in alongside other makers from the Crafts Council Hothouse scheme for emerging makers as part of the 2013 British Ceramics Biennial programme and is part of the 2021 biennial programme.

The Spode Works site has continued to have creative resonance with architecture and space/place a recurring theme and it is through that lens that we approach this project, viewing the site in aesthetic, visual and phenomenological terms.  Responding to it’s fabric and the material qualities of its buildings and construction, picking up on observed details and juxtapositions or dealing with a sense of the space itself.

For this project we have invited Dan Southward, photographer and ACAVA studio resident and, in keeping to the spirit of the original residency as emerging makers, three recent graduates to join in creating new work and new viewpoints onto the Spode Works.  

Haptic Tacit : Spode works