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Can I say a massive big thank-you to for the opportunity of the AA2A placement at York St John's University this year. I was able to develop new work that I would not have been able to produce using the facilities I have in my home studio. I discovered much and acquired new knowledge and skills. It was a very...  show more
Finished video
Round & Round We Go! from Timothy Marvell on Vimeo.  show more
One of each please!
  I have two different sets from the recent 'through the glass darkly shoot'. I like the abstraction of these blurred clips which seem to extract the 'surge, hesitate, pause and creep' of the traffic flow that originally attracted me to the scene. However, they are irritatingly impressionistic: there is nowhere for the eye to rest. The other set has...  show more
Past work revisited
I remembered some old work. A few years ago I took photographs looking through the bottom of a glass, not sure why!       For reasons I do not understand, I had an insistent thought in my head to repeat this experiment with video. I returned to the same location with the traffic passing by - Interesting results which...  show more
A chance encounter.
Wandering (whilst wondering) past the curved glass of our local Art-Deco cinema; I noticed these intriguingly distorted reflections of the passing traffic.   I have put more of these in image gallery, but they are not a true representation of the original video which captured the surge, hesitate, pause and creep of the traffic flow, as controlled by the lights....  show more
Finding a direction (or not)
Stills from some recent video shoots - I should focus on one direction but I've always been easily distracted. I spent several days trying to video the sunrising behind these trees. I don't like the idea - I knew I was wasting time but got a bit obsessed.   Zooming in on lights reflected in the river - the ripples...  show more
Night video shoot.
An evening video-shoot - the floods change everything!      show more
A few ideas
Out and about with my handy little Cannon Liegra 506 looking for interesting subjects.            Stills from raw video - not sure were I am going with this.  show more