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The opening of the new building, Leeds arts university
Thursday 7th was the opening of Yoko Ono’s exhibition at the Leeds arts university. It was also the display of works created from feedback given by alumni of the arts university. I had the pleasure of being a part of these works, and my poster was designed by Chris Cooper. This alongside other work is a permanent fixture in the...  show more
First artist talk
Yesterday I did my first artist talk at Ossett Academy to the year 13’s. the talk was about being an artist in University, and shared my experiences that I’d had through my studies.  It was a very exciting opportunity and was glad to have possibly helped some students make an informed choice on whether University was for them. I represented...  show more
Power of the institution
The institution has power of control and regulations, however, in order to challenge the control the first step must be taken. Control the viewers perception of these regulations. Power of the institution < power of electricity.  show more
Thoughts from a read based from Marcel DuChamp’s practice
What does it all mean? Is removing the value of an object to recreate it as art removing the originality of the art itself? Ready-mades is a very insightful philosophy but is it defeating the process of what one is trying to achieve. So many new ideas and not enough room to make it fit into simplicity. Making a thesis...  show more
The art institution will be forever changing and will always develop, creating new ways of teaching their students. The act of movement displays this concept of development and new creation. A new theory I’ve been developing within my practice, can’t wait to work more on it.  show more