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A Visit from some York St John Students
Life is incredibly serendipitous sometimes; on the day that I had finally reclaimed my studio at home I had an email from Natasha, a student at York St John's college, asking if she and some of her peers could come over for a visit!         Previously, the studio at home had been impassable - a mix of...  show more
AA2A Engage
I am pleased to be able to participate in the new AA2A Engage scheme.  This involves artists who have participated in the AA2A scheme, hosting studio visits and engaging with students in other ways that may be helpful to them as they continue their education and begin to think about their careers post graduation. I do not quite know what...  show more
This first third of my year has been somewhat fraught to say the least; a birth (my grandson), a wedding, illness and a death. . . .  not all of which I have been prepared for and certainly not the best situation to be in when trying to make new work for the AA2A scheme, which has suffered as a...  show more
Basil Beattie at MIMA
It was such a privilege last Saturday, to attend the public opening of Basil Beattie's exhibition When Now Becomes Then: Three Decades, at Midlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. The exhibition runs until 12th June and I heartily recommend it to all people interested in painting and the development of visual art in this country.  I completely agree with Mel Gooding's remark at the...  show more
Talk about self employment
I seemed to spend the entire day on the train last Thursday.  My car was in the garage to have a broken spring mended - a common problem living where I do because the pot holes in the narrow roads have to be seen to be believed. (And when they are not seen, as in my experience recently because it...  show more
I have not begun to make any final works yet; I am still busy collecting material to incorporate into it. My aim is to combine text, image and mark making to create a visually interesting surface in three dimensions.  The use of print and paint on Chinese paper will have a beautiful way of diffusing light and creating shadows, depending...  show more
Research and interim exhibition
At the presentation I gave to students at the beginning of my placement, one of the students asked me if I would use fracking as my subject matter.  At the time, I said no, although it was a possibility.  I have since decided it is too rich a seam to ignore.  Excuse the pun! I am only at the research...  show more
Gathering my thoughts my strength research visual stimulus ideas into visual form energy positivity focus materials     Making some studies in preparation for the work I am aiming to produce for the final AA2A exhibition.  The studies will be presented in an informal interim exhibition from the 20th February.     I am planning to make a series of...  show more
OnThursday 12th November, all four of this intake of the AA2A artists at Teesside gave our presentations to some students and staff.  It was very interesting to hear the other three (Lucy Carolan, Alan Hathaway and Jim Poyner), speak about their work and plans.  I found it nerve wracking as usual to talk about my own background, the ideas behind...  show more
Delayed start
Something cropped up today, which means I will be unable to get to Teesside tomorrow as planned. Such is life.  I will use spare time during the rest of this week to gather my thoughts, drawings and general materials in readiness for next week.  I'll go across on Tuesday, catching the lecture in the afternoon, and Thursday to catch up....  show more