Yarns on Yarns

Sun Ju Lee
9 months ago

Yarns on Yarns: A study of fusing lines in knitted screens

My ongoing project ‘a Practiced Place’ has been made in response to different
locales and mediums. Over the course of its development, the outputs have been
shown as four different collections: a Practiced Place, assembly passage, Enfolded
Surface, and Thread Your Way Through, each following my participation in an
artist-in-residence programme. The technical facilities afforded by residency
programmes have allowed me to make materially and technically advanced work
under specialist supervision. This helped me to hybridise the mediums at play in
the works and to test the potential for each resolved piece.

A key practical aspect of my project is the testing of drawing, digital printing, and
screenprinting, introducing new relevant mediums and methods. During my time
at the Buckinghamshire New University, I developed my work primarily using a
Stoll knitting machine. Following an initial survey at the beginning of the residency,
I made repeat visits to chosen places near the university and used photography
to record the places’ changing conditions. I cropped, extracted, and developed the
images from drawing and 2D printing to the layering process of knitting. My shift
into knitting gave me a literal and material way of fusing together lines, in ways
that derive from my drawings and glasswork, and culminated in the inclusion of
monofilament wire in a collection of knitted screens. Since a new medium and
method were introduced, the current outcomes show a series of testing rather
than a finished work. This project will serve as a platform for future practices as
the new knitted work will be developed into an installation and will form part of
my forthcoming collection Yarns on Yarns.