Sleep Walk Sleep Talk

Suki Chan
12 years ago

HD diptych video installation
Duration: 21 mins 54 secs

In a London of fast-blinking lights and speeding commuters, cars and trains leave luminous comet-like trails marking their passage through the night. Individuals reflect on freedom in the urban metropolis or seek escape from the repetitive habits and conditions it enforces. Suki Chan’s moving image piece Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk is an impressionistic and lyrical study of London’s diverse population.

The diptych video installation explores public and private space in the urban environment, weaving together a series of video portraits of city commuters, security guards, architects, urban planners, economists and news journalists who reflect on real and abstract constructs of the city. Chan captures the nuances at play in a city: the solid mass of its architecture, fleeting movements of its urban inhabitants and the transportation system that revolves around them. Sensual and dreamlike, SWST is a heightened and compelling investigation of urban experience.