Kiln gifties and felting fun

Shannon Donovan 11 years ago

The past couple of weeks have seen further progress with my (probably too numerous) fibre and ceramic experiments. First, some lovely gifties from the kiln:

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to use the white ones for, but the green ones will be embedded in a felt landscape. Speaking of which, I had my second-ever foray into feltmaking. It's messy and addictive. From a textiles standpoint, these first pieces of mine probably aren't great felt, but I did get the colour and texture range that I was aiming for. If some of them don't look like they've been through the complete "fulling" process -- getting the wool fibres to interlock to the greatest extent -- it's because I did stop short, to keep some of the fluffy texture.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before it's beautiful, luscious, warm, touchy-feely felt, it looks like this:

A tray full of wool, carefully (sort of) arranged in layers, ready for felting. I think there were 4 layers in this one.
You put a cloth over it, pour in hot water and a bit of dishwashing liquid, and scrub like crazy till the fibres don't left. Here it is, all soaking wet. Yeccch.

Thanks to my wet hands, there are no photos of the final part of the process, wherein I roll up the sopping wool in the bamboo mat below it, wrap it in a towel, and roll, roll, roll it until something that looks more like felt as we know it results. Something more like this:



Lighter wool colours, aiming to evoke the sandy soil of the New Jersey Pine Barrens


Close-up! Mmm, plushy.


I added silk fibres to the wool in the Pine Barrens pieces.

Now I'm working on how exactly to get the porcelain rocks embedded into these and present them as evoking landscape. That's the task for the next couple of weeks.

Next post: So, how did that piece of red weaving that I was working on turn out?